A few scenes from Saturday and Sunday

I did a bit of running….15 miles total!

Saturday run

This was Saturday, 10 miles. And I did get a migraine later in the day but it was due to not eating until much later than I should have.

run with garmin

And this was Sunday. 5 miles in the neighborhood and I felt great.

I wish I could say I’ve also been killing the planks but unfortunately, I have been quite lax in that area.  I did manage a 2 minute one on Saturday but that was it.  I’ll get back to it though.

I made nachos for a really late lunch on Saturday and they were awesome.


The reason lunch was so late was because I had some landscaping to do and some trimming to get done around the house.  I only managed a few projects because there were a few garage sales calling my name.

I got a kick ass ball jar in blue and when I finished trimming the front hibiscus bushes, I put it to good use.


And in keeping with the theme of home cooking I decided to make one of MacGyver’s favorites, beans and cornbread.  Only I made a special cornbread in the shape of ducks.


Cute isn’t it? We had to give some to the dogs because they love it.

I am planning on doing some more landscaping this afternoon but take a look at this,

This is my angry face.  The I cannot believe this shit face, (and the my hair looks like shit face,) all rolled into one, see if you can tell what’s wrong…

i'm pissed.

This is not happening, please tell me this is a temporary thing….

It’s the dreaded blue screen of death………..sort of…..

blue screen

It’s back up now but if this happens again, I’m gonna shoot it. Maybe.

See ya on Monday!

What are you doing this weekend?

What do you do when your computer takes a crap?

4 thoughts on “A few scenes from Saturday and Sunday

  1. dammit. now i want cornbread….

    you gotta keep plankin sister…im still 5 strong…with another 2 after 30 second break….i swear…it gets easier and easier the more i do. im compulsive….doing them every other day. consistently. i feel guilty if i don’t do.

    Hmmmmm tens unit. i have hip/ass pain. sciatica me thinks….it comes and goes. and when it comes i do extra foam rolling….or attempt at stretching/strengthening hammies. more of your thoughts on tens unit please.

    ….and more pix of boomer too. OOOHhhh cormbread shaped like boomer!!!

    • Boomer ate all the cornbread I left on the table after dinner….I couldn’t even yell at him because he was so proud of himself for getting it off the table. 🙂

      I love the tens unit but I use it sparingly (never more than a few times a week and not more than 20 minutes.), I also foam roll and I’ve been dabbling in yoga, though I have to be careful because of my scoliosis. That being said, most of my hip pain comes from running and more importantly from muscle imbalances. My left side is much weaker than my right. So, I do strength training to help correct the imbalance.

      If you are interested in testing yourself, here’s a great article to self test for imbalance. I highly recommend it. Let me know how you do….Here’s the link: http://dailyburn.com/life/fitness/muscle-imbalances-functional-movement-screen/

  2. Uh, what’s wrong with your hair? Looks nice.

    I did very short run (1 mile) today. I’ve had back and hip aches for a couple of weeks – bought a TENS unit for it and it really helped! Slept in both days! It was glorious!

    I said bad words in my head when my computer fails. I hope you’ve backed up your data JIC.

    • I totally feel for you with the back and hip issues and I hope it’s better soon. I love my tens unit, best investment ever. I also have started using my biofreeze at night. It seems to help when I’m sleeping.

      And I have everything backed up but I’m so pissed at dell. This computer is less than a year old and it’s been problems galore. We bought a new toshiba which I’m going to use but MacGyver really needs this one and I’m crossing my fingers it will hold up…

      (P.S. I need to dye my roots, immediately 😉 )

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