WTF Wednesday – All I want for Christmas is encephalitis?

I ran 4.35 miles this morning in 94% humidity at 73 degrees. It was not fun. I had planned on running just 4 miles and saving my longer runs for later in the week when the cold front blows through but I was so busy trying to breath that I forgot to stop at 4. I’m sure all of you who are dealing with freezing temps or ‘gasp’ snow are cursing me right now but the struggle is real y’all.

humidity sucks times 10
It took me 3 days to finish decorating my Christmas tree but I haven’t even attempted the outside decorations. I used to start decorating immediately after Thanksgiving dinner but this year has been so God awful hot and the mosquitoes are ridiculous, and truthfully I’m not wanting encephalitis for Christmas this year, so I’m waiting for a cold front.

putting up lights in florida

When putting up Christmas lights, be sure to apply extra sunscreen…what? that doesn’t apply to you?

At least most of my Christmas shopping is done. It didn’t really take all that long. Most of the people I had to shop for were pretty easy to buy for except the kids. Since the kid is grown up I’m out of touch with what the kids want these days. I looked around Wal-Mart for hours before I found some things I thought they might like but in the end I ordered some things from Amazon. I’m still second guessing myself though.

I sort of wish I would have bought these stuffed animals. I just know they would entertain me for hours because they did when I was at Wal-mart.

twerkin teddy

Twerkin’ Teddy’s, who knew?

twerking panda bear
I think I should put those on my list!  You know you want one too…

And the last thing for the day, I’m so excited that some of you have chosen to continue the plank challenge with me. I know we can do this. We can all motivate and support each other and I just know that each and every one of us will do it!

I’ve even officially named the challenge and I’ve decided to call it…

plank challenge
Are you in? C’mon, WTF? it is Wednesday!

What’s on your Christmas list?  (Did you just add the teddy’s, you did, didn’t you?)

6 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – All I want for Christmas is encephalitis?

  1. You need to put on a comedy show or something when you plank. Oh. Wait. Maybe if you laugh too much that’ll ruin your form! NM! Something entertaining but not that distracting. 🙂
    I’m thinking about joining the challenge. I need to do planks (among other things) to reduce my hyperlordosis.

    If those bears just shook their booty instead of twerkin’, I would have gotten one for my nieces lol

    • I have to admit, I had to look up hyperlordosis and it sounds painful.

      And believe it or not, those bears are actually being sold as ‘children’s toys’. I would never buy one of those for a child, it’s definitely adult entertainment, LOL

  2. WTG on knocking out that run! Sounds like a Michigan summer. The pup pic made me giggle because I thought it was a dog butt. Like the name of the plank challenge. How the heck do I hashtag that???

    I want those teddies and will probably buy one for a friend. The boyfriend and I do not exchange for Christmas. We do our thing on birthdays. He is far better at shopping than I am, but one of his late birthday presents arrived yesterday and it was a hit! He was super repulsed. Bought him the bubonic plague one: The hair stands up all over my body when he squeezes it.

    • LOL, I love think geek and that thing is hilarious. I might actually buy the zombie virus for MacGyver, I think he’d love it.

      I guess I didn’t think about the hashtag huh? Maybe we should use #PlanksnOtherStuff what do you think?

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