Those kinds of people

You know how every year there are ‘those’ kinds of people who decide it’s finally time to get in shape.  it’s finally time to start exercising or to clean up that diet.  They get all the latest tech gadgets and you see them all decked out for like 3 weeks and then…..


Resolutions or bust

I’m gonna be so rich.


Those people irritate me in case you couldn’t tell.

Anywho, I sort of went off on a tangent.  The thing I really wanted to talk about is the gadgets and how you don’t really need them.  The concept of healthy is really pretty simple after all, eat healthy and exercise.  Period.

That being said..

gadget love

I realized as I was walking out the door, I’m that girl, Oh shit!

I’ve got gadget love.  I can’t help it.  I crave analysis and numbers and all things analytical.  I’m a gadget junkie.  Couple that with OCD and Houston, we’ve got a problem.

In my defense, I”m doing this for all of you.  It’s specifically a scientific experiment comparing the accuracy of similar gadgets.  The pros and cons too.  And I’ll write about them here so that you can decide which one is right for you.

In the meantime I’m just going to keep on wearing both of these gadgets not because of OCD but, you know, for science.

Happy New Years Eve!

4 thoughts on “Those kinds of people

  1. shooooouuuhhhute. I have the same ailment.

    as long as we can wear the gadgets up to our elbows and they fit under well sized shirts i figure it’s ok….or if under tight running shirt, we just say we have robot arm. Like bionic woman! yes. bionic woman.

    Plank on too. mine is 7 flat for tomorrow. start the year off with a nice prime number! I love numbers too. sigh.

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