Serena Williams can’t run a 5K?

Hey gang, how goes it?

I just got back from a slow but satisfying six mile run. It’s not balls hot here but it’s getting there and it’s pretty humid too so I’ll take that six miles and own it, thank you very much.

This weekend was a mixture of highs and lows for me. I woke up on Saturday morning and pulled off my best plank to date. It looked like this:

Plank you
I was on cloud nine after that plank and then I went out for a 10 mile run.  Which I promptly ended at 8.05. I felt fine up until about the seventh mile but then I started crashing hard. It was most certainly due to the Wendy’s frosty’s and Reeses Peanut Butter cups that I’ve been consuming like a boss.

Friends, you just can’t outrun a bad diet. Ever.

My blood sugar was probably at zero because I felt just like that cat. Thankfully, I made it home and I ate some healthy oatmeal.  Unfortunately it was too little, too late because the low blood sugar ended up giving me the worst migraine I’ve had in quite some time. I should have known but sometimes I’m just stupid.

it's a migraine
I put off taking my migraine medicine as long as I could but by early in the afternoon I pretty much wanted to die. I kept thinking it would go away and I reasoned that it was just low blood sugar and the fact that I’d eaten would surely help to ease the pain. It didn’t.

Then I reasoned that it was probably due to allergies or sinuses since I had trimmed some of the plants in the back yard to help widen the path for the cable guy.  But it wasn’t.

Both MacGyver and the Kid kept telling me I needed to quit making excuses and just take the migraine medicine and sleep it off.

I know its a migraine
I hate the migraine medicine because it makes me loopy and then knocks me out and I’m too busy to be knocked out, but finally around two in the afternoon, I took the medicine.

It did knock me out for about an hour and a half but it didn’t take away the migraine, that is, until much later in the evening. And so because of Saturday’s migraine I played it safe with a short 3 mile run on Sunday and only a 3 minute plank. It worked and I was headache free all day yesterday.

And that brings me to a point that I wanted to make.

When I don’t feel well, I play it safe. Depending on the malady I’ll either go out for a shorter run or no run at all. And if I’m injured I don’t run until I know it’s better and that there is no chance of making the injury worse. This is the reason I cannot for the life of me understand this:

Serena Williams takes a taxi to the finish lineImage Source
About a month ago, I told you how Serena Williams got all superwoman and chased down a guy who stole her cell phone. It was one of the coolest things I had read in a while about a female athlete. But then I learned that Serena, who was hosting a race for her charity, the Serena Williams Fund, ran the first 2 kilometers of her race and then hopped in a taxi and sped off to the finish where she exited. No, really.

Now, here are my thoughts on the subject. First, if you’re injured, don’t run. Don’t even head to the starting line. There are plenty of other things you can do, hand out water, cheer on the runners, offer words of encouragement, but don’t run. Everyone will understand and if they don’t screw em’. A professional athlete should never risk prolonging or worsening an injury.

Adversely, if you’re not injured you need to finish that race. Even if you walk the damn thing, finish it. This is for your charity and all of these people are out there running in the heat. You’re a professional athlete and you should have no problem finishing a 5K run.  If you have to, walk it, just walk it.

In defense of Serena she did admit to taking a taxi in a facebook post later in the day but she didn’t say that it was due to injury, and she said she would finish the race next year. Her sister Venus also ran and she did finish. Kudo’s to her for owning up to the taxi ride but I still think she should have finished the race and I’m disappointed in her.  C’mon, this is Sports Illustrated’s Sportsperson of the year!

What do you think, should Serena have finished the race?

12 thoughts on “Serena Williams can’t run a 5K?

  1. it’s a 5K people!!! wtf. Moreover, it’s HER charity!!!! double wtf.

    sportsmanship or not. she SHOULD HAVE FINISHED!!!! nuf said.

  2. Let me start with…

    YOU ROCK!!! A big congrats plank queen! I am beyond impressed. Embarrassed to say that I have not done one in days. See how I am with challenges?

    As for Serena, without knowing what happened, it is tough to say. She could have had stuff to do at the finish line or could have not wanted to risk hurting herself. Kind of feel like it would have been just fine to not run the race in the first place. If it was for some kind of photo thing (taking off or something like that) it is kind of tacky. Either way, I adore the William’s sisters.:) Now, want to laugh at me? I just took the time to check out Venus’ finish time. I’m such a weirdo.

  3. I suspect there might be more to it, but at the same time, I’d have been way too embarrassed not to finish. And I’ll bet she runs more than 5K in a three-set match, to boot!
    Glad to hear the migraine finally relented, my wife tries her darnedest not to take anything for them as well and sometimes it really doesn’t matter whether she does or not. Me, I stopped having migraines about ten years ago, when I got divorced! Sounds almost like a punchline but that’s really what happened!

    • That was my point. I think she probably runs the equivalent of a marathon most matches she plays. The woman is fierce, therefore I thought she should have finished. If there was something more like an injury, then she shouldn’t have even attempted. That being said, I think I broke the internet with all my hate mail and I love Serena, I really do. oh well, I will always be true to my opinions regardless of what the rest of the world thinks.

      Glad you got rid of your migraines. Who knew divorce could be so healthy? 🙂

  4. No one knows what was going on in her mind when this happened. Maybe she pulled something or maybe she knew all along she’d duck out early because of the injury to get to the finish early. Either way, finishing the race isn’t always a measure of true sportsmanship. Being smart and listening to your body is. Perhaps her longevity in tennis is worth more than running a 5k.

    • I agree, it may not be a measure of true sportsmanship. I think Serena is an extremely talented athlete and I’ve written about her awesomeness before. It’s just my opinion that she should have finished. If I had been running that race, it would have thrilled me to no end to see her out on the course with the other runners, whether she was walking or running. If she was injured or hurt, I totally understand pulling out and taking a taxi, I just wish she would have mentioned it in her post.

  5. Who cares? I’m assuming she was there hosting for her charity, entertaining guests/fans and taking pics. So, you would have preferred her to get sweaty, sneak off and leave people waiting in order to get photo ready just to prove she can run a 5k?…absolutely not…

    She has more than proven her athleticism….IJS

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