Merry Christmas Eve!

I hope y’all are all ready for the holidays.  I hope you get to spend a lot of time with those you love.

We’re getting prepared over here….

Hank is waiting for presents.

Hank by the tree

Boomer is waiting for food.


The best seat is under the table!

And MacGyver and I are cleaning up the garage because our well pump burst and it’s flooded!

I didn’t want to let the day get away without sharing with you the Christmas card the dogs and I put together.  It’s a bit blurry but try getting two crazy dogs to sit still for longer than a few minutes…anywho….

Christmas Card

Enjoy your day!

WTF Wednesday, crowns and cunning children

I did not watch the Miss Universe pageant but I really wish I would have. No one could have predicted this.

MU Pageant

Uh, sorry, Imma need that back...

And look at Miss Philippines face.  Look at those eyes!  You know what she’s thinking…spell Philippines wrong now bitches!

Can you imagine how Miss Columbia felt? Let me just tell you if you’ve already put a crown on my head, you ain’t taking it off. Nope.  You might just lose your damn arm.

Oh Steve, you're killin me!

Oh Steve, you’re killin me!

I was in Wal-Mart earlier this week and there was a child and her mother shopping in the same section that I was in. I was looking at the art supplies and they were looking at the Crayola art sets directly behind me.

The little girl, who looked to be around 4 or 5, was ooh-ing and ah-ing over a particular art set when she turned to her mother and said, “Can I have this, please, please?” The mother calmly told her that Christmas was coming and if she really wanted it and if she was a really good girl she could ask Santa for it and he might bring it to her.

I could not believe the words that then spewed forth from the tiny creature girl child…

“That is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much stress mommy. I have to worry if I’m being good enough, and then if the store still has it so Santa can buy it because they run out of things you know.  And then I’ll worry if he can actually deliver it to our house ON TIME. I can’t deal with all that stress mommy. It’s too much, it hurts my head so much”

The mother put the art set in the cart without any hesitation, none.


As they walked away I swear the little girl looked back at me and gave me the slyest of smiles. I have mad respect for that little girl. Mad respect.

Santa Stress.  Who knew?

What’s your WTF moment of the week?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

On Sunday after my failed attempt to get MacGyver to shop with me we headed back home. After having a little lunch I was prepared to head off to the mother ship, I mean the mall, but MacGyver had other plans.

He decided since the Kid’s birthday is coming, (Christmas Day) we should take him to see the new Star Wars movie.


Obviously, I did NOT want to go.

The thing about the Star Wars franchise is that you really need to know the background to thoroughly enjoy the movies and I lost interest so many movies ago that I’m clueless. It’s not that I don’t like Star Wars, I saw the first one, and The Empire Strikes Back, and The Return of the Jedi.

In fact, I saw them at least 100 times because I stupidly bought the kid the box set when he was little and he was obsessed with them. So, when they came out with the prequel’s the kid just had to see them.

I don’t even know how many prequels there were, do you?

I wasn’t sure if the new movie was a prequel or sequel but I correctly assumed that is was a sequel due to the appearances of many of the original cast and I reluctantly told the guys that I would go.


I don’t want to honor my commitment, I’m going to the dark side!

Besides I was already wearing my new outfit so I might as well go somewhere, right?
So we got to the theater and I was thinking that it may be sold out even though it was a matinee and I was right.

star wars

Sold out!

The good news is, we had to wait for a few hours for the next showing so I got to shop.

Even better news, MacGyver decided to go get new glasses so I got to shop unattended. Well, almost. The kid was with me but he’s easily bribed.  Trust me, I would know.

At 3:45 we made our way to the theater. And we were there for the next 2 and half hours. (Fifteen minutes of that time were previews of other movies.)

And then it was over.

I don’t want to spoil it for you if you haven’t seen the movie but I will say that as soon as it was over, I changed my Christmas list to include a light saber. I’ve joined the resistance. I’ve been converted. The jedi mind tricks were successful. I loved it.

I might have loved it too much.

The kid asked for some gift cards for his birthday from iTunes and Steam. Usually I get him what he asks for because I have no idea what to buy him otherwise. So yesterday I turned on my computer and got ready to order the gift cards. Then I got an email from a large chain store showing some of the products that were available for Christmas delivery, also the kid’s birthday.

I hope he won’t be disappointed. Gift cards just seemed so boring compared to BB8, besides, he’ll probably let me play with it.

May the force be with me.

Have you seen the new Star Wars movie?
Do you like the Star Wars movies?