I’m headed to my personal running trail, but first, trees!

I realized yesterday that I mentioned my minimum six tree limit yet I’ve only shown you the pictures of this tree which we call, the main one.

main tree

Are you sick of this one yet? Good, because in about a week it should be really yellow and then it will be known as jaundice tree and I’ll post more pictures.

I’ve also got a cute pink tree on my lanai although in the picture it sort of looks purple.  It is not.  It is pink because, uh, pink!

Pink tre

Photobomb by Mr. Claus!

And because I don’t want the neighbors who happen to walk or drive by to think we haven’t gotten our Christmas on, or perhaps because I’m nuts, I put my red tree on the front patio by the door.

red tree

Welcome! Welcome to the home of Christmas tree heaven.

This year was the first year that I purchased a white tree. Mom helped me decorate it with all of my tropical ornaments. It’s got santa surfing, sipping tropical drinks, some festive boats, life vests, fisherman ornaments and the like. I just love it. It needs a different topper though, I’m thinking a starfish..? I need to find one.  Urgently.

white tree

Soak in the beauty, go ahead, you know you want to.

I also have trees in my spare rooms. This one is located in the main spare bedroom that the parents stay in when they visit.  We put them in that room because it has its own bathroom and old people have to get up to pee almost every hour so it’s the obvious choice.

Anywho, here’s that tree:

small tree br1

It’s rather small because old people also don’t like it if you impede the viewing area of the television.  God forbid they miss a 10 year old episode of Law and Order….

And the second spare bedroom also doubles as my office but I don’t really use it that much because I like working from the sofa (with HGTV and DIY Network running in the background).

But just in case I do work in there, I’ve got this tree to gaze lovingly upon and it matches the grays and silvers in the room because well, I’m that good.

br2 tree

Note the glitter on the tree skirt. Imma have to do something about that. Glitter is the herpes of the craft world!

And you know I wouldn’t leave out my own personal space.  Unfortunately MacGyver draws the line at anything over a foot tall and anything too girly.  So I’ve  got a little tree on my desk in my bedroom. It was a gift from my sister in law a few years ago.

cbrown tree

It’s Charlie Brown’s tree!  My desk is typically very neat but we’re going somewhere and I took this picture as we were packing.  Not that I care if you think I’m messy but I’m not, really.  I’m not.

Do you see a pattern here?

I told y’all I was OCD.

Oh, you thought I meant that kind of OCD……

Naw, I meant this kind:

I’m going to have to leave my trees for a few days because we’re heading out this morning to our cabin in Holopaw!  It’s in the middle of nowhere.  Literally.


Fortunately we have a cabin and the toilet is inside! Do you know how hard it is to try to poop while holding a shotgun in case a rattler comes up? It’s rough.

I’m pretty excited about it actually because in case I didn’t mention it 800 times, I have my own running trail and its awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsome.  For real!

Dog Town Trail

I’m coming for you beautiful Dog Town Trail! I’ve missed you….

The rest of the time will be what MacGyver calls, ‘time to unplug and unwind’ and what I call ‘lessons in self-control’. Why?  Because I will be tempted to drive 45 minutes to the nearest store when the internet connection on my phone gets a little spotty or the generator runs out of gas and the TV goes out.

The struggle is real!

Maybe I should take a tree out to decorate…hmmmmmm

Do you have a Christmas tree or three?
Do you decorate for the holidays?
On a scale of 1-10 how obsessed are you with decorations?  I mean any decorations for any holiday…

4 thoughts on “I’m headed to my personal running trail, but first, trees!

    • Every year MacGyver says, ‘you’re not gonna put up a ton of trees this year are you?’ and I’m like, ‘No honey, not at all’ and then I put up my usual 6 or more. This system has worked for years. 😉

  1. damn, your’e effin hilarious!…herpes of the craftworld….HAHAhaha

    treely hilarious. more dog pix pleez. and planking up to 6:20

    keep 10:00 in sight!!!!

    • Daaayum girl! 6:20, I bow to thee! That’s awesome. I’m still working at it, plugging away every morning, so far 5:18 is my best but I’m gettin there. I’ll have a bazillion doggie pics in the coming days…..and you’re pretty funny yourself. 🙂

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