I guess I’m not newsworthy….

Well y’all, I was expecting to show you bonafide proof of the shopping abilities that my mom and I possess but sadly, that won’t be the case.

You see, on Saturday mom and I hit up the annual city wide garage sales of Indian Rocks Beach and we finished at the last sale which was at the church.  A reporter from the local paper came up to us and asked if he could interview us and take our photo for the paper…..uh, hell YES!


Anyway he took a few pictures, asked us some questions and wrote down all our pertinents and such and then told us which edition it would be in.  So this morning I got up at 5AM, (not to look for the article, it’s just when I normally get up, I swear), and I found the paper online, scrolled to page 3 and saw this:


Bargain Seekers, wtf? And no picture of me and mom?

I guess the editor thought that a new bait shop trumped the garage sale story.

Whatevs….I don’t need no stinkin’ local paper to tell me I’m the undisputed champ of Power Shopping! I’ve got the credit card bills to prove it bitch!

For the past two days I’ve gotten to 3 and a half minutes in the plankathon. I’m going to refer to it as the #plankathon until I reach my goal.  Because plankathon is a lot easier to hashtag than #AllIWantForChristmasIsA5MinutePlankAndOtherStuff, don’t you think? Yeah, me too. #plankathon for life… or the month of December, whatever it takes.


Preach it Ludwig!

And I can’t let you go today without telling you about this one local runner, Meredith Mikell, who did what so many of us runners do from time to time, she went out for a run and decided to take a different route. A route that she hadn’t run in quite a while.

And I know what you’re thinking, but this is a good story.

A short time after she began running she noticed huge amounts of smoke coming out of a house and as she got closer she realized the house was on fire. Thanks to her quick reaction, the mother and daughter who were sleeping inside that house made it out safely. You can read about the story here.

So what are you up to today? Got anything exciting going on?
Have you ever made the papers?  What for?

4 thoughts on “I guess I’m not newsworthy….

  1. Haha I know how you feel! Once they were filming an episode of a TLC show about weird food addictions on the college campus where my mom works, and she was able to get me and my sister to be “extras” on the part of the show where the woman had to confess her addiction to a group of strangers. We spent all morning at filming and were really excited about it! When the show aired a few months later, it turned out our scene was totally cut out of the show. I was so bummed! But I still had fun seeing the behind-the-scenes side of reality TV. And PS that story about the woman and the fire was crazy!

    • That just sucks, I would hate to know that I was supposed to be part of a show and then be denied like that, the nerve! And of course I would have told everybody that I know that I was gonna be on TV so double embarrassment, LOL

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