Hey hey y’all, I’m back!

I’m back y’all!

I hope that you had a wonderful and happy holiday with your family and I hope you got some time off and got to relax.  Life gets hectic sometimes and it’s nice to be able to sit back and enjoy it.

We were jam packed with all kinds of relaxing but also a lot of fun things and some hella good eats.


Christmas day we celebrated by opening presents bright and early. The guys liked most of their presents, (except for a few things.)  BB8 was not a hit with the kid. He liked it but he just didn’t think it was practical and that he would really use it all that much.

The mom in me was proud of him for his sensibility but part of me really wanted him to love it because in my mind he will always be my little baby. I realize he’s grown but he’ll always be this lil’ guy to me:

The Kid

I’m sorry kid but I love this picture…and I love you!

Also, there’s that part of me that wanted to play with BB8 too because I will always be a kid at heart but we sent it back. Fortunately the apple watch was a big hit so I think he was pretty happy.  I got MacGyver a drone and it was also a hit, mainly because he realized he could fly it dangerously close to my head and get my attention when I’m doing my best to ignore him.

Go figure.


Taylor, you’re awesome, but I wanna hit you in the head sometimes too.

I got a Fitbit Charge HR, which I love, but now I am suffering from all kinds of new obsessions, more on that later in the week.  That’s a teaser….hehe

The dogs were on their best behavior for days and in case you have any doubts about their love for one another, check this out.  This is the cutest thing ever and they just started doing this in the last few months.

hank and boomer


So much cuteness!  Paws intertwined,   I die!

As you may know Christmas is also another holiday in our home and later in the day it was time to celebrate the kid’s birthday. This year I decided to do something different and instead of a regular cake I bought a cupcake tray.

birthday cup cake

It turned out to be the highlight of the party for the guys.  Not because the cupcakes were the perfect size for an individual portion, or because they were so delicious, no, those were the reasons that I bought them.

I obviously didn’t think it through because I had no idea they would use the cake to amuse themselves for most of the afternoon by doing things like this:


you can spell a lot of things with so many cupcakes….unfortunately, I can’t show you most of the phrases the guys came up with…

Of course the day would not have been complete if we didn’t continue our yearly tradition and watch this all day long,

I didn’t run at all on Christmas day or the day after because we got up early and drove down to Venice. We had to do a lot of work around the house and MacGyver built a canopy thingy for the little boat ramp.

boat ramp canopy

While MacGyver constructed, I mowed the lawn and did some other chores which according to my new fitbit burned a lot of calories, so that’s something toward my fitness goals, right?

On Sunday morning I got up early and planked for 4 minutes and after that I ran 10 miles on the Legacy trail. TEN MILES!  It felt good for most of it although I did walk pretty much all of mile 9. oops.

Afterwards I did a little lawn work and I felt great, until around 2 in the afternoon and then BAM, f*cking migraine. Yada, yada, yada.  Are you sick of hearing about my migraines because I am!


Soooooooo, we ended up staying in Venice until Monday afternoon so that I could rest and try and feel better.  Needless to say, I didn’t run on Monday either.

And that brings us to today. We’re back home and trying to finish up our year end shit. Oh, and I’m trying to break my addiction to peanut butter bon bons and cupcakes and ice cream.  The struggle is real, real freakin hard!

Wish me luck!

How was your holiday? Tell me what you did.

Do you know anyone else born on Christmas day?  How do they celebrate and when?

4 thoughts on “Hey hey y’all, I’m back!

  1. damn. your baby son almost as cute as the pix of pups!!! Holy Molleeee those pups are freaking ADORABLE!

    i’m very interested in your fitbit HR…..i’m looking into the new garmin HR activity tracker….i’m a garmin addict. under their trance….will buy all new updated products…will buy all new updated…

    My hesitation comes from the complete and utter obsession that will ensue from tracking my steps/heartrate/incline/sleep/happiness/hunger/etc. I know you understand.

    Perhaps, you could give it a go, and send some feedback that this is not happening to you?!!….then I might have hope. “help me obi one..you’re my only hope”

    I seriously want to track everything.

    • Oh I feel your pain! I am such a data whore, for real, I love stats more than ice cream. I can’t help myself. The Garmin vivosmart was on my list because I too am Garmin obsessed but I have the 620 and I love it and I wanted to try out the fitbit. The fitbit community is huge and I felt if I needed motivation I could find someone to help kick my ass in gear. Also it tracks sleep which I have serious issues with. Then there’s the battery. I’ve heard fitbit’s battery will hold a charge much, much longer. So far, I love the fitbit but I am finding myself checking stats throughout the day, I can’t lie….I may try out the Garmin in the future and I’ll let you know how that goes but for now, I’m diggin the fitbit.

  2. Ah I really wanted the BB8 but it was too expensive of a gift to justify asking for it just for my entertainment. I just think it’s so cute! Happy Holidays!

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