Friday Photos from the field

Happy Friday!  Hello from Holopaw.

Hank in the window

Are we there yet? When are we getting there?

We got here sometime around lunch on Thursday.  But then it took another 45 minutes or so to get to the cabin.

First we had to drive down this very long road,…which is mostly thick sugar sand.  Five long miles of it.

holopaw grove road

Did you notice Hank?

The road is called Holopaw Groves Road.  Groves.  As in groves full of these things,

florida oranges

Florida Oranges! So much goodness.

Once we got to the parking lot, Boomer realized we had to change vehicles.  We got out of our truck and into the mud jeep but Boomer couldn’t get into the jeep.  After some serious darn fanagling, MacGyver and I got him in.

Boomer in the jeep

How in the hell am I supposed to get in there? Did you think this through because I don’t think you did.

After we got everything transferred to our mud jeep, we hit the trails to the cabin.  It’s beautiful out here but the most important thing for me is my running trail.

I couldn’t wait to get here and trim it up.  We haven;t been here since mid October so I knew it would need a bit of maintenance.  Lucky for me, I have an ATV.  Because when you need to mow down your running path, putting your ATV in 4th gear and making over a hundred passes works every time.

Dog Town Trail

Dog Town Trail! I’ve missed you…..

And it’s fun so bonus!

We just got back from an awesome night ride after watching the sunset.


That’s amazing isn’t it?

By the time you read this, it’ll be Friday morning and I’ll be running on Dog Town Trail!

I’m in heaven right now.

Where is your absolute favorite place to run?

Where is your absolute favorite place to go on vacation?

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