A rat and a snake, 10 miles and a plank.

We are waking up in Nokomis this morning. We came down yesterday because a good friend of MacGyver’s is in town with his girlfriend. They live in North Dakota, but not Fargo. I know, I was disappointed too but they’re great people and we’re having a good time.  And bonus, they laugh at my Fargo impersonations.

The weekend went by pretty fast. On Saturday morning I got up and pulled off a 4:10 plank which shocked the heck out of me but also made me pretty proud of myself. The only way to top that was to follow it with a somewhat hilly 10 mile run and that’s exactly what I did.

plank and run
Two miles into my normal route I saw a rat, half alive, lying in the middle of the sidewalk, it was disgusting but it had also attracted about 20 large vultures so I decided to alter my route. And do the unthinkable.

I decided to run through the park and the area with the most hills around me. Obviously I was still high from my earlier plank success but I kept the pace slow and easy and the weather was awesome so it felt really good. Everything was going great until I almost had a heart attack.

Somewhere after the 5.5 mile point I almost ran smack dab into a snake!

Don’t ask me what kind it was because it was in strike position so I veered off the sidewalk and almost tripped on the curb. Surprisingly I continued on and finished my 10 miler, but for the next 4 miles I was the girl yelling out at every passerby on the trail, ‘watch out, there’s a snake ahead!’

Yeah, I’m that idiot.

After my run MacGyver and I had to do some work around the house to get ready for our guest and I made him promise to help me put up decorations around the pond. All went well until I got a migraine around noon. I am so tired of migraines but that’s a post for later in the week.

Anyhow, we finished up around 8 or 9 that evening and our guest arrived sometime around midnight. Of course we were all exhausted, us from lawn work, they from traveling, so we all went to sleep. We party hard around here, what can I say?

On Sunday while everyone was sleeping I went into the spare bedroom and did my plank:


What? Who is this girl?

YES! I can feel that 5 minutes, it’s coming….and then afterwards I ran 3 miles. First mile was a warm up at 9:52, but the second two miles were in the high 8’s with an 8:14 max pace. Not too shabby.

After a quick shower and loading the car, we headed towards Nokomis with the dogs.


The licker’s about to flow people!

What a handsome guy huh?

We made the one hour and fifteen minute trip in two and half hours because MacGyver had to stop and purchase another john boat on the way down. Clearly, four john boats is not enough and seeing as how there is still a few yards of uncovered grass in the back yard, we needed something to fill it. See: help me, my husband is a boat hoarder.

Late yesterday we took our guest out for a quick boat ride to see some of the area from the water. Check out some of the Christmas lights:

IMG_2832 IMG_2827 IMG_2834
Beautiful isn’t it?

And now, I need to run, literally. This morning I am going to run off the awesome, but rater huge dinner that I ate at Left Coast Seafood last night.

Did you run this weekend? Tell me about it.
Did you get your plank in? What time are you up to?

10 thoughts on “A rat and a snake, 10 miles and a plank.

  1. awwww love your pup! and DANG girl with the planks! Envious. I’m working my way back up to a minute, i stopped for a long while and filled my time with pizza. womp womp.

  2. black labs…aaaiighhh melt…. He IS handsome! i’d marry one if i weren’t married to a …white man. ha!

    ran 8 miles, sub 10s sunday then planked after, as is my routine now. thanks to plankathon.

    so i’m not bragging….i swear. but i’m up to 6:02.12. I did 2 sets of 5 on friday, and thought might as well take it up a notch and go back to one set. right? so there you have it. Honest to god truth you’ve made a difference in my life. Plank You!

    • Awe, this makes me so happy! And 6:02:12! Holy plankathon, that’s crazy amazing. You go ahead and brag girl cause if it was me, I’d probably take out a billboard. Just sayin 😉

  3. lol Rats, snakes and vultures! Omg, we live in totally different worlds! Occasionally see chipmunks and squirrels and, if really lucky, maybe a deer….
    Planking. I should try it sometime.

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