A quick video, you’re welcome

Have you seen the viral video of Ethan, the single runner from Chicago who likes running in the rain? (You can skip ahead to about the 1:15 mark, do it!)

The thing I find most interesting about that video is that Ethan is in Chicago, CHICAGO! And he is running in the middle of December in shorts and no shirt. No, really, that is what I find most interesting about the video. Seriously. I really mean it.

That’s it, that’s all I got. I ran hills this morning and I’m dog tired. Oh and I also have to work so….

Tell me something interesting about your day.

6 thoughts on “A quick video, you’re welcome

  1. Ethan’s good-lookin’. πŸ™‚ I think it’s incredible that he was able to jog shirtless, though. It still seems to be pretty cold in Chicago. Of course, anything less than 23 degrees Celsius is already cold for me. I live in a tropical country, haha.

    • LOL, I know, this weather is something else. I read somewhere that it isn’t going to get any cooler anytime soon and that Christmas day will be very similar to the record breaking temps of Monday. Oh Joy, we were somewhere in the low 80’s!

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