WTF Wednesday, 17 miles? What?

WTF Wednesday

So the eye doctor appointment yesterday was quite interesting. I was quite happy to learn that my near vision is excellent or in the words of the eye doctor, ‘the eyes of a fifteen year old’. Unfortunately my far vision has gotten much worse and according to the eye doctor is, ‘that of a fifty year old’. Since my prescription hasn’t changed in about 10 years I wasn’t expecting that.

yep, i'm blind...
So, instead of just a box of contact lenses and an eye exam, I now need a box of contact lenses for the left eye and another box of contacts for my right eye plus new eyeglasses.  Of course all of this could be avoided if I could just live my life looking at only the things located within a foot of my eyeballs…..

This morning I ran 3.5 miles around the neighborhood. I don’t run as long in the summer because it’s so hot and humid.

what the hell

Oh, it’s not summer where you are? My bad, I assume that everyone is dealing with 88 degree temperatures right now, no? Silly me.

Mom and I went shopping yesterday after my visit with the eye doctor. Macy’s had quite possibly one of the best sales ever and we bought a shit ton of clothes. After we got home MacGyver was upset with me for going to the mall, not because of the money I spent oddly enought, but because he thinks if there are going to be any acts of violence they will most likely occur in the mall.

I beg to differ, my bet is, it will happen at the Wal-Mart!

Because it can quickly go from this.....

Because it can quickly go from this…..

To this.

To this.

Did you hear about the botched Bangkok marathon?

The Bangkok Marathon is actually a half marathon but apparently officials stationed along the route directed the runners the wrong way resulting in an addition of 4 miles. The participants expected to run a half marathon which is 21 kilometers but instead they ran 27.6 kilometers, which is around 17 miles!

Oh well, it’s okay. Songkram Kraison, vice president of the Jogging Association of Thailand said the participants will receive new t-shirts that read ‘Finisher of 27.6 km.’  He also stated, “The shirts are meant to apologize and also to honor runners who ran in the longer version of the half-marathon.”

I ran 4 extra miles and all I got was a lousy t shirt.

I ran 4 extra miles and all I got was a lousy t shirt?

I’m sure all those runners are really gonna feel ‘honored’.

WTF, it must be Wednesday!

It’s your turn, go! Give me a WTF moment from your week.

6 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, 17 miles? What?

  1. That is pretty funny about the half being too long! At that point I’m sure people were totally ticked off at the extra mileage. I think mentally you check out at 13.2 if that’s what you were expecting!
    It’s actually really nice Fall weather here in Ohio. 50 degrees in November is a winner for sure. Can’t believe you still have hot humid weather!

  2. The guy reaching for the toilet paper with his pants down is just gross! But the cops wearing gloves standing around that guy on the floor is hilarious….they’re all like “you do it, no you do it”.

  3. The Walmart pictures are disturbing. The first one, the guy’s pants are done and he’s next to toilet paper. The other one, the cops are all wearing gloves.

    Today isn’t so bad….but then it’s freezing in the office so maybe that’s why it feels nice out.

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