Tuesday Tangents with planks and shirts

Hey y’all!

I just got back from a little 4 mile run and I thought I’d take a moment and check in before I head off to the eye doctor.  In case you’ve ever be tempted to sleep in your contact lenses, trust me, it is NOT a good idea.  Even if you have the kind you are supposed to be able to sleep in, don’t do it.

I wanted to see how you all are doing on the #planksgiving challenge.  I had a few days where I wasn’t able to increase my time very much, but as of this morning, I’m at 3 minutes!

plank time

Mom is here visiting from Tennessee and she took a picture of my plank this morning.  It’s not the greatest picture since Mom isn’t all the good with photography but considering my entire body is in the shot, it’s a vast improvement over her previous attempts.

me planky

I really think I can get to 5 minutes.  I can feel it.

After I finished that 3 minute plank this morning, I was so proud of myself, I put this shirt on:


And since we’re talking shirts, Mom is running the Turkey Trot with me this year and she is really worried about how long it will take her to finish.  I’m convinced she’ll be awesome but I decided to make her a new shirt just for the race.  I’m hoping it will boost her confidence.

What do you think?

Mom's new shirt

So, it’s your turn to leak some awesome and tell me….

What time are you up to on your #planksgiving challenge?

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tangents with planks and shirts

  1. Oh – wish I could get myself together to take it.. Planks are a mental block for me – I’d rather run a one hour tempo-run on a Dreadmill than plank for two minutes.. Even though it would be good for me to shape up that core!

    I will however, cheer you on! I’m sure you’ll get to five minutes – in fact – you’ll be planking with a turkey on your back by thanksgiving! (Remember: #PicOrItDidntHappend 😉 )

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