Thrifty Thursday, Running Clothes at great prices.

After my lazy day yesterday I got up at my usual 5:30AM this morning and got some things done before heading out the door for a quick 3 miles. I actually ran closer to 3.25 miles but my OCD wants me to say 3 so, it is what it is.

It is also still hot. In fact we’re breaking all kinds of records over here…whoopee.

Balls hot
Anyhoo, after running I was standing by the garage and I noticed a dead animal in the road near my mailbox. Upon closer inspection I realized it was a rabbit and it had been pummeled by a vehicle of some sort.

I hate seeing dead animals, it makes me all kinds of sad but MacGyver had already left for work and I knew I would have to move it. I can’t stand to see a dead animal in the road getting picked at by vultures and crows. It just kills me.

So I buried it in the back yard.

random rabbit rest in peace

Rest in peace random bunny.

Well that went south real quick.

I didn’t really intend to depress you. Maybe I should turn it around and cheer you up with a little edition of Thrifty Thursday. That’s sounds much better, right?  It always does to me.

Let me sing you the song of my people…………….

Hand swiping credit card

Anyone who knows me knows that I buy everything a lot of running gear.  And by a lot, I mean pretty much anything I see because I’m convinced I can’t live without it.  But the truth is, you don’t really need all kinds of running gear, only the basics and you don’t have to spend a fortune.

So, I put together the following, which are some of my favorite items right now and won’t cost you an arm and a leg….which is a good thing because if you plan on running you’ll probably need your arms and legs.

First up is this awesome Asics Jacket. It’s available at and when the weather gets a bit chilly, this jacket is perfect. (I wouldn’t recommend it for really cold weather though). This jacket is a steal at only $39.99! It even has a pocket for your iPhone or iPod or whatever you carry. I have a similar one in gray and white and it’s one of my favorite jackets of all time.

Asics Jacket

Click on the image to visit and see this jacket.

I wear a lot of different running shoes but for the past few years, I’ve been partial to Brooks. Currently I have the Brooks Glycerin 13 and 3 or 4 pairs of PureFlow’s in my rotation. I still wear the PureFlow 2’s because I found them on sale a little over a year ago at DSW for 39 bucks and I bought 8 pairs.

I’m not one of those people who believe you have to update to the newest version if the older one is working for you and so I don’t.  I do however like the PureFlow 4’s and when my 2’s are spent, which will be very soon, I’ll be ordering some PureFlow 4’s.

Hopefully, I can find a great sale like this one:

Click on the image to visit Running Warehouse and see the Brooks PureFlow 4's.

Click on the image to visit Running Warehouse and see the Brooks PureFlow 4’s.

Running Warehouse also offers FREE 2 day shipping!  You can’t beat that.

I also really like some of the active wear I find at Old Navy and right now they have a great clearance sale going on. (Seriously, it’s great.)

You can get the shorts below for around 15 bucks and the tanks which are one of my favorites, (especially in this ridiculously hot weather), for 6-7 dollars depending on the color.

Click on the images below to see them on the Old Navy Site.

old navy shortsold navy tank
Old Navy also has great prices on Compression shorts and capri’s.

Also, just so you know, these are not affiliate links and not sponsored in any way.  I’m all about cute at a great price and when I find a great deal you can pretty much bet that I’ll share it with you.

Where do you buy most of your running clothes?
Where do you buy most of your running gear, hydration vests, water bottles, etc.?
Know of any great sales right now you want to share with us?

6 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday, Running Clothes at great prices.

  1. I got my tops at Target (I also have some Ink n Burn), shorts are random but I prefer my Brooks, socks are Balega from the evil online retailer same with my water bottle (handheld Ultimate Direction)

    I’m currently in my second pair of Ghosts but I’d still be afraid to buy 8 pairs. Probably max of 2 🙂

      • Never been a shoe person. Which is good because finding regular shoes in a 5 sucks.

        The padding on Thorlos bug me. But they’re given away frequently with Brooks (pretty sure the Brooks rep said it’s owned by them. And the Total Comfort insoles).

        • Size 5! Dang, that is small. FYI, always has Brooks PureFlow shoes on sale for under 30 bucks and the only size they ever have is 5. I am super jealous right now…..

  2. ooohhh ima cheap cheap bastahd too!!….however, when in comes to running gear and shoes (of all sorts)…i’m a bit of a snob. I’m too old to not be perfectly comfortable at all times. AND if my body is running 45 miles a week and not complaining it deserves the softest, comfiest, cutest running clothes i can get my cheap grubby hands on. Check out lulu’s “we made too much” section. I also have their outlet nearby so lucky cheapass me.

    • I Love Lululemon! And the ‘we made too much section’ is pretty good for deals but I think the outlet store is usually better. I actually searched the too much section for my favorite pace setter skirt but they didn’t have my size, 🙁 Oh well, there’s always the outlet store in Orlando… 🙂

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