Sometime you’re gonna fail…and it’s okay.

Yesterday I got up early and motivated and got ready to go run. The first thing I do before running is my plank and I had a 3:15 plank on my agenda yesterday. I try to increase my plank time by 15 seconds every day in order to hopefully reach my 5 minute goal by the end of the month. And while 15 seconds may seem like a lot I attempt to increase that much because there are going to be days when I just can’t increase at all like yesterday….

Yesterday was that kind of day. I really wanted it. I seriously prepared for it. I got into position, physically and mentally, I was sure I was ready but then my body started shaking at only 1 minute and by 1:45 I could feel my arms giving out and then at 2:02 no matter how much I wanted to go on, my body just gave up on me.

um no
Yeah, it sucked but again, that’s why I try to increase by 15 seconds every day because not every day is a win.

After the plank fail I went out for a run which I ended early at 3.5 because quite honestly I hate our weather right now. I spent all summer praying for the cool weather and lower humidity and I’ve been denied. Am I the only person in the world who wants to throat punch the weather man every single day?

And of course with the heat and humidity we also have a shit ton of mosquitoes still around. It’s quite challenging to put up Christmas decorations while protecting yourself from malaria which really doesn’t seem like such a bad illness when compared to the side effects of the deet that I currently wear more than my perfume.

But I digress….

The point that I wanted to make is that everybody has a bad day every now and then. Everybody. The good news is that you can try again, and again, if you need to.

This morning I got up and got prepared to do my plank for the #planksgiving challenge. Guess what?

Yeah, I nailed it!

And then I went out for a six mile run…. but I only made it to four.

Considering it was 77 degrees at 6:45 and 96% humidity, I’ll take it and I’ll try for that 6 again tomorrow.

So tell me, do you like hearing only positive things when people talk about their fitness goals and achievements or do you want to hear about the setbacks too?

6 thoughts on “Sometime you’re gonna fail…and it’s okay.

  1. You do a great job on your blog. Nice mix of funny, good, running. The bad or negative resonates with me, as I like to know others feel it too. SOoooooo the answer to your question. Writing about bad makes the good better. I’m planking my ass off thanks to you….up to 3:47. Tomorrow 4 of fckt.

  2. There is a chance we might get snow on Sunday morning. Am seriously considering postponing my long run from Saturday to Sunday. Even in nj it has been unseasonably warm this fall.

    • They do but it doesn’t really help because we live on water. It’s a huge pond with about 20 houses around it and according to the county, some of the plants that a few of the neighbors have naturally attract mosquitoes but we cant get them to remove them. It’s a constant battle….could be worse I guess. It’s just that mosquitoes love me and I mean love. It’s crazy how much I get bitten.

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