Friday favorites and the coupon caper.

Several months ago I bought some really awesome burlap with a chevron print and then I put it in a bin in my office where it sat until a few weeks ago. That’s about the time I bought a mirror for a buck at a garage sale and needed something to restyle it.

This is what the mirror looks like now:

DIY oval mirror
I had quite a bit of ribbon left over and because I really love the way the mirror came out I wanted to use it on something else. I thought about doing a basket or a shadow box or maybe a drawer in a nightstand I want to refinish but nothing felt right.  I didn’t have the mojo.

After all the shopping mom and I have been doing I’ve seen a lot of Christmas décor and while some of it is really cute, a lot of it is pretty tacky and that’s when it hit me and I got my mojo back.  I could use the chevron ribbon and design my own Christmas wreath.

Which is what I did and it looks like this:

christmas coastal wreath
Not bad, right? I sort of love it.

Speaking of shopping, the sales this time of year are amazing, if you know where to look and you shop right. I found Brooks PureFlow 4 running shoes for 79.99 at Dick’s Sporting Goods and if you sign up for their mobile alerts you get another 10 dollars off making the total cost 69.99!

dicks sporting goods
I’m off to do more shopping with mom and not just because of all the great sales but because my Mom is hilarious. Sometimes she runs into things because she’s rifling through her purse looking for coupons and yesterday she did something she’s never done before.

I guess she got confused because my sister and I have the same car except my sister’s car is silver and mine is dark gray. When we were at the mall with the kid yesterday she actually opened up the door and almost got into the wrong car. I wasn’t going to say anything because I wanted to see how far she’d go but the kid yelled ‘Grandma, that’s the wrong car!’

And then last night she insisted we go to Kohls. even though we had been shopping all day, because she had 5 dollars in Kohls cash and 30% off and it expired that night. While we were checking out I heard the cashier say to her ‘this 5 dollar coupon was already used in Minnesota.’ Well, my Mom about flipped her lid until the manager said, ‘that’s been happening all day so just go ahead and give her the discount.’

Mom then went on to explain that she just got her coupon in the mail and immediately came to Florida and there was no way anyone could have used it at which point the cashier reassured her that it was happening to a lot of people and had happened several times that day.

And then my Mom said ‘it’s obviously the work of terrorist’ and she was serious.  So I said, ‘Mom I’m sure the terrorist’s number one mission is to steal all the Kohl’s cash and 30% off deals.’ And she said, ‘Don’t be silly.’

At that point I thought maybe there was hope for my future mental health but then she followed with, ‘Their goal is to steal all the bonus bucks and all the discounts, not just Kohl’s cash, you better make sure you check yours as soon as it comes in the mail!’

Oh boy!

your screwed

Really? You think?

Have a great Friday y’all.

Tell me something about your week, anything.

4 thoughts on “Friday favorites and the coupon caper.

  1. I ran yesterday for the first time since my half. Didn’t do too bad. I ran the bridge four times which is ironic considering how mad I was that I had to do just that in St Augustine! Lol

    This weekend is Girls on the Run and it will be in the low 50s. But probably not that warm at 9.

    • Dang girl, get those bridges! I hope you have nice weather for Girls on the Run, it’s such a great organization, it would be nice to have great weather so the girls really love running 🙂

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