Five things Friday, with a side of funny.

Five things I need to tell you about before the weekend…

1st Thing:

This is Goliath and Goliath thinks he is a dog, but he is not. Goliath is actually …..

A cow.


I just found out that Mythbusters has been cancelled. This is somewhat scary for me because now MacGyver will be forced to blow up and destroy things all on his own.

myth busters


Remember when I told y’all that I was trying out Latisse and I was a little concerned that it didn’t work overnight? Well, it does work and it did work, it just took a bit of time. I wanted to wait the full 16 weeks to give you my honest opinion but check out my eyelashes and you be the judge.


The only makeup I’m wearing is nude eyeshadow and black eyeliner, no mascara.

Thing 4:



Monday cannot get here soon enough.

And the last thing on my list, thing #5

Does it seem like everybody and their Mother is running a half or a full marathon these days? I feel like every person I talk to is training for either or, and it seems they always ask me questions like, what should I do for chaffing or do I need to bring my own water and other things that you would think they would know the answer to.

But then I remembered when I ran a half marathon many years ago someone asked me what corral I was in. I realized I had no idea what a corral was and how that worked. Back then google images was not a thing so I went to that race expecting to be placed in a chute like a bull in a rodeo. Yeah, I’m an idiot.


Is this the right chute??? Anybody?

Anyway, my girl Katie over at the Rock and Roll Marathon Series sent me this cute infographic. It includes some simple rules and debunks some common myths to help you make sure your marathon is a successful one. So whether it’s your first one or not, take a look. You might learn something or it might just remind of a mistake you once made….and you know you have, everybody makes a mistake every now and then.

How to Run a Marathon: Raceday Rules

Hope y’all have a fabulous weekend. I’ll check in with you once or twice with a little update.

Are you racing this weekend?  (Not me, I’d rather sit in the air conditioning, see: weather.)
Have you ever made a silly mistake during a race that you laugh about now? 
(You already know I have, plus once I ran the wrong way for about two tenths of a mile.)

6 thoughts on “Five things Friday, with a side of funny.

    • My lashes actually did get much darker and my eyelids also got a bit reddish but it was such a minor thing it didn’t bother me and it’s not really something you could see unless you really looked hard for it and even then it’s very minimal. I’m going to continue using it, I’ll just be using it every 3rd day now instead of every day.

  1. I need to try latisse. My lashes are so pitiful now.

    I am running a 10k.Mid 80s.

    I’ve accidentally cut in line for the beer.

    • Good luck on your 10K, I hope the weather isn’t too bad, this heat is a bastard! Cutting in line for beer, perfectly acceptable, hehe. (Definitely try latisse if you get the chance, it’s pretty awesome.)

  2. such good ideas! I definitely wore too much during my first couple of races…. plus i wanted to “look like a runner” so i went all out- compression socks, running skirt, head to toe really going for a caricature of a runner…. running like a 12 minute mile at a 5k. and then eating a HUGE brunch after because I earned it.

    I think my biggest mistakes though were running a full marathon followed two weeks later by a half marathon without training for either. and both on roads. my knees and ankles were NOT happy!

    • LOL, I’m sorry but that just cracked me up! I can usually tell if someone is a newbie if it’s a 5K, 85+ Degrees, hot and humid and they’re wearing compression socks! 🙂 Bless their hearts they just look so miserable.

      I’ve also made the mistake of running long distance races too close together and my body revolted for almost 6 weeks. It was horrible. I’m glad your knees and ankles recovered and forgave you! 🙂

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