Yeah bitch, I sweat!

So last night the Kid and I headed over to the International Plaza to one of his favorite places. It’s not my favorite place because usually when I go there it’s because something is broken.

The Apple Store
Hello Apple Store

And I’d like say to the smug little genius who looked at my phone as thoroughly as my gynecologist conducts an exam, ‘yes you little miscreant, yes, I sweat…a lot. I am fully aware that I need a lifeproof case or something ‘super protective’ to keep my sweat from leaking into the headphone jack. I know bitch, I KNOW

sweaty dude

                            We are kindred spirits my man.

I’m pretty sure the kid was super embarrassed by my obvious self induced sweat damage or possibly my technical ignorance because at this point he became more interested in looking at the Apple watch or maybe he just preferred to be on the other side of the store.

When he came back to the area where I was speaking with the ‘genius’ I said, “honey we’re all embarrassed of our parents some times.  It could be worse, I mean, Grandma farted in Wal-Mart while trying to hula hoop, TWICE.”

And then the kid ran off to look at headphones or cords.  I could have sworn what I said would make him feel better, obviously not.

At least there was no obvious water damage inside the phone which means if it continues to have issues, they HAVE to replace it. HAHAHAHAHA  Thank goodness for small miracles.  My iPod on the other hand is a total loss. Turns out they aren’t sweat proof either. I know this because the genius told me.

Unfortunately the little genius couldn’t figure out why my iPhone would not sync with my iTunes on my computer so after a half hour of failed attempts he suggested we head over to the Microsoft Surface kiosk.

Of course we just had to pass my favorite store and I HAD to go in.

I picked out at least a bazillion dollars worth of merchandise in a flash, like literally in 10 minutes, and then I realized…oh yeah, I don’t have a bazillion extra dollars to spend, so that was that.

But I want these shorts and by the end of the day I might just order them….

in ALL the colors.

Run Speed lululemon shorts
We headed over to the Microsoft surface kiosk and explained the issue and guess what…yeah, my iPhone still will not sync nor is it recognized by iTunes on my computer in which I have Windows 10 installed.  Why, just why?

So, if any of you have had this issue and know of a solution, please share. I promise to pass it along to the genius at the Apple store and the Microsoft tech guru.  I’m sure they would be pleased to hear the solution from the likes of me.  Sure, they would.

Anywho….MacGyver and I are headed out to Holopaw this afternoon to spend the weekend at our cabin. I like going to the cabin but I also like running and training at this time of year and that’s hard to do in Holopaw, really hard.  Mainly because it is all undeveloped land and recreational areas so there is a lot of mud and mud trucks and ATV’s and motorcycles, meaning it’s not really conducive to running.

Fortunately MacGyver and I have a pretty large piece of land so I promised him that I will spend a lot of time out there this winter if he will do just one thing for me.

And that is why we are going to build one of these:

home made oval track

I am beyond excited.  My own running track, mine, all MINE!  (It will probably look a bit different since we don’t actually have sophisticated equipment out there…but that’s okay.) A track is a track is a freakin track!

I will still have my very own personal track!  If you happen to come out to the middle of nowhere somewhere in Central Florida or you own land in Suburban Estates in Holopaw, I’ll let you run with me……

Don’t worry, I’ll post pictures, well maybe I will, as long as my iPhone doesn’t get too sweaty.

Have an awesome weekend, I’m going to try to update from the cabin.

What are you doing this weekend?
Have you got a long run planned?

8 thoughts on “Yeah bitch, I sweat!

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who needs an Otterbox to protect her phone from her sweat! My yurbuds have lasted a while. I hope my new Garmin 225 survives my wrist sweat.

  2. Personal track eh? NICE! Congrats!

    Sweat is a bugger for the electronics.. I’ve just replaced my 6th Jabra Sport headset – this year alone… Thankfully they are all fixed on warranty (“It says ‘Sport’ on the label – you must be expecting sweat!”) – but it’s still annoying.. My best one so far has lasted around 100 runs or so – the last one lasted just 4…

    But I guess I am set for life now – since each time I replace it the warranty period resets 🙂

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