WTF Wednesday – driving, it’s not for everyone.

This past weekend MacGyver and I were trying to drive across to the other end of South Beach in the jeep.  The roads are narrow and muddy but that wasn’t the issue.    We had 2 problems.  One was an ATV and the other was a huge white truck with a few rednecks in the back of it.  Both were parked directly in the path of the only road to get across to the other side.

We had two options.

The first option was to sit there until one of the vehicles decided to move or we could go with option B which was to ask one of the vehicles to leave.

We decided to go with option one since most of the people are rather friendly in this neck of the woods and we figured they would quickly realize we just wanted to get to the other side of the road and then move.

We were hoping the truck would move since the occupants in the bed of it had been staring at us the entire time but instead the owner of the ATV finally stood up and then asked his child to back it up so that we could pass, his CHILD.  No, I’m not kidding.

We still had to drive through a fairly deep patch of water but fortunately the jeep is well equipped to handle that sort of thing.  Just as we cleared the water and made the drive up onto the beach on the other side, the two idiots in the truck said, “You’re Welcome!”

stupid ass people

MacGyver and I looked at each other and MacGyver said, “Did they just say thank you?”  I nodded yes and I kind of wanted to go back and explain to them that they were wrong.  I also wanted to explain how an actual road works, you know for future reference, but then I realized I didn’t have any crayons with me.

Have you encountered any stupid people this week?  (It’s a frequent occurrence around here.)
Did you say something or ignore them?  (This time I channeled Mark Twain, “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”)

7 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – driving, it’s not for everyone.

  1. Oh my god. Most of my anger every day comes from driving. People are so stupid. i seriously get so frustrated and angry, that often I end up listening to classical music in my car because otherwise….

    I like to take the train. bc then i can zone out in my book and not get more wrinkles in my face from yelling.

    • I am so with you on the classical music and I had to laugh because when I pull into the driveway blasting Schubert, my husband will run out to see if there’s any damage to the car, seriously! LOL

  2. -quick answer yes. 🙂
    That’s totally ridiculous what happened to you guys, but not surprising people are something else.
    My WTF wednesday included: This morning I was dropping my daughter off and this women in her van came in on two wheels. She then got out smirked at me then helped her son out of the car. I ignored her, because I mean really.. We then followed them to the door where she stopped with about 12 people behind her to hug her son and then turned and ran right into me…I mean seriously. Then my daughter told me her son was the boy she always talks about (ie the boy she likes) of course it is! WTF! ugh.

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