WTF Wednesday, Buns, Beers, Cameras and the Worst Aunt EVER.

Maybe we should offer a course in high school that explains how and when to use social media so things like this wouldn’t happen. And of course it happened in Florida because where else.  Drunk driving is bad and live streaming your obviously poor drunk driving skills is even worse. Jesus H Christ girl, get a grip!

Probably not a good way to learn how to use social media...

Probably not a good way to learn how to use social media, just sayin.

Around 10AM on Tuesday I was going to go to the mall to pay my Macy’s bill but then I got lazy and didn’t go. While reading the local news online last night I came across a story of an escaped inmate who was spotted at the mall…at around 10AM.


People, let this be a lesson that sometimes lazy pays off for you.

Over the weekend MacGyver and I were talking about things that would make our lives a bit more convenient and wondering why these simple solutions are not yet available.  Yes, this is what we do in our spare time, we’re boring.

The first thing we decided we need is a multi-bun pack. We never eat 8 hot dogs or 8 hamburgers unless were having a party so the extra buns we don’t use just go to waste. Why hasn’t someone come up with a multi-bun pack? Four hot dog buns and four hamburger buns in one package, I think people would buy it.  I would definitely buy it.


How hard can it be to combine them? Seriously…

And speaking of conveniences, why hasn’t Garmin incorporated a camera into my watch? It would be so much easier for me to take cool pictures of all the great things I see when I’m out running if only I had a camera right on my watch.  Do you know how many epic moments I miss because I didn’t get my phone out of my spibelt quickly enough and just imagine how many iPhones would be safe from my fumbling hands.

Garmin, are you listening?


Now wouldn’t that be much easier and safer with a watch?

Did y’all watch the premier of The Walking Dead?  I read somewhere that it got the lowest ratings they’ve ever gotten for a season premiere.  I watched it and my opinion it was just meh. I mean I still like the show but they take forever to get to the story line lately and the stuff thrown in the middle seems like boring fillers and a waste of time.

And why haven’t they killed off Glenn yet. I’m just over him. I feel like they’re trying to turn him into a bad ass and it’s just not working.  It will never work.


I quit you Glenn!

Off Glenn already and get on with the story of the Wolves for cryin out loud!

Did you hear about the Manhattan woman who sued her nephew because he accidentally broke her wrist at his 8th birthday party…. by hugging her, a bit too exuberantly? Seriously.

Apparently the boy jumped up in her arms to hug her while yelling I love you when they both toppled over and she broke her wrist.  So here it is four years later, the boy is now twelve, and she is suing him.

She said that living in her upper east side third floor walk-up in crowded New York City has been rough. Recently she was at a party and the poor thing had a hell of a time holding on to her hors d’oeuvre plate.

Bless her little heart. I can only imagine her pain.  It must be horrible.  How can she bear to go to any parties what with the anxiety of having to carry  around her canapes or pate? It’s unbearable even think about it!  And that is why she really needs the 127,000 dollars from her now 12 year old happy hugger nephew.

Rest assured, her nephew can hang on to his allowance for now, she lost the case and I highly doubt she’ll have to worry about his hugs from now on.

Wish me luck y’all, I’ve got to go to the mall.  WTF, it is Wednesday.

What do you think of hamburger and hot dog buns in the same package?
Don’t you think Garmin should put a camera in the forerunner?
What do you think about the aunt who sued her nephew?

4 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, Buns, Beers, Cameras and the Worst Aunt EVER.

  1. Another article said that the aunt was attempting to get the homeowner’s insurance to pay; CT doesn’t allow homeowners insurance to be named the defendant.

    That’s the second article about intoxicated people recording themselves driving. Other people killed themselves.

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