WTF Wednesday, Big Balls, and I mean BIG

Y’all on Monday night I watched a show called The Man With the 132 lb Scrotum. Yes, you read that correctly, I swear to God.  But, let’s just put this into perspective, shall we?  That man’s scrotum weighed more than I do.


I just can’t even….


I couldn’t look away. The man had to fashion an upside down hoodie to cover his scrotum just so that he could leave his home and he carried a milk crate on the bus to rest his scrotum on.  Like, he seriously needed to rest it.  Seriously.

It was crazy. Unable to afford the surgery it was eventually gifted to him. I’m not sure if the documentary was a stipulation of that gift but it takes some big ass balls to go on TV with a scrotum of that size. Pun intended!  In fact I don’t think puns get any better than that.

A new study that came out this month in the publication Circulation finds that 30 minutes of strenuous exercise daily may not be nearly enough. In fact the study suggests that you should double, or even quadruple that if you want to keep your heart healthy.

2 hours of working out a day

Great!  Only 1 hour and 59 minutes to go!

Great, now I just have to figure out how to deal with the additional stress this causes me now that I have to find even more free time to exercise!

Every morning I take my dogs for a walk mostly for the exercise but also to keep Hank from peeing in my house.

pee in the house

I need to make Hank take this oath.

We have a routine and I do my best to stick to it. My dogs are quite nervous so it helps to keep them in familiar situations and surroundings. Hank is 5 and Boomer is 7 and after all the time I’ve spent with them, I know them pretty well.

For instance, I know that Hank prefers to poop through chain link fences, most likely because I can’t reach it to pick it up and I know that Boomer will chase any animal that moves for approximately 2 seconds before he gets tired and gives up. I know all their quirks and nuances. That’s why I was quite surprised this morning when Hank lifted his little leg and pissed, not in any of his usual spots, but right on my foot. And as I jumped to move away, Boomer started to pee on me too. Bastards!

dog pees on foot

Oh well, at least I’m in good company. Natalie Portman gets pissed on too.

It’s Wednesday!

Now it’s your turn, tell me your WTF moment of the week.

5 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, Big Balls, and I mean BIG

  1. Poor man. I think I’d go into debt to remove that but I’m glad he got assistance. Um he looks like he gained weight after uh reducing his scrotum.

    Re: dogs. You know I like to be spiteful when my dog is a brat…just don’t know what I would do to get even if I got peed on! I guess just withhold treats? Lol

  2. OMG. I watched that too. For about 5 minutes and then I was grossed out and changed the channel when they wheeled his excess scrotum away in a special garbage can. My initial thought was if his balls are that big, he must have an enormous …..

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