Will run for pyrex.

Good Morning! The weekend is over and it’s time to for another work week. I hope you had a nice one. I thought I’d tell you all about mine and it was a busy one, so let’s dive right in.

After such a wonderful day going to estate sales with the Kid on Thursday, I wanted to do it all over again so I convinced him to go with me on Friday morning. I don’t think he was as excited the second day…

estate sale sign
He indulged me anyway and we hit up a few sales. Since Friday was a rest day for me we got out nice and early. The first sale had posted pictures on Craig’s list and I was positive I saw some pyrex in a few of the pictures. I might have gotten a bit too excited.

pyrex meme
I didn’t get the pyrex, someone else did and let’s just leave it at that.

pryex smack down

Bitch, give me the pyrex! GIMME!

The Kid and I called it a day around noon because he had a doctors appointment and I had some work to do but since this is a supposed to be a running blog, let’s talk about running for a change, shall we?

On Saturday morning MacGyver went hunting and so I decided to attempt a long run. Unfortunately, on late Friday I found out that one of the communities near me was hosting their annual garage sales and I couldn’t miss it. I went to it last year and scored huge so I had to go. I mean let’s face it, I need to buy your junk and used shit. I need to! I just needed to adjust my schedule to accommodate my long run…

garage sale sign

Yes, we must go to the garage phale….

I decided that I would get up with MacGyver at 3am and after he went hunting I would run….that didn’t work out though because I was tired so I decided to get up at 4am.  Yeah, no.  Then 5am rolled around, still tired. Finally at 5:30am I got up. The plan was to run 8 miles around the neighborhood because the cooler weather had arrived. I figured after running, I would take the dogs for a walk, then shower, then hit up the garage sales by 8am.

And then I walked outside…

Ordinarily I wouldn’t mind rain but I wasn’t prepared for it and I was short on time so I did the next best thing and I ran 6 miles on my treadmill. It was actually a nice run and I liked it.

After running I got ready to take the dogs for a walk but then as always happens in my world, things took a turn.  There was a stray pit bull in my yard!

Regardless of whether or not it was a nice dog, my dogs are crazy and I wasn’t going to attempt a meeting in any way shape or form. So, I took a shower and got ready hoping it would be gone when I was finished. It wasn’t. I was running out of time so I went ahead and hit up the garage sales because, priorities.

buying crap

I should’ve quit while I was ahead.

After I got home I decided that no matter what I would not go to any more garage sales or estate sales for at least a week and I planned a long run for Sunday morning.

I got out on the road in my neighborhood on Sunday around 7am and it was cool and breezy and I was super excited…..until I reached a half mile. At that point the rain came and I was carrying my iPhone and had nowhere to put it. Not wanting to quit I realized I could easily run by my house and drop the phone in my mailbox without having to stop and that’s what I did and then I continued on. The rain just kept coming down, harder and harder but I didn’t really mind.

Well, I didn’t mind until my shoes became water logged. After I tripped for the third time I thought the best idea would be to stop. If I had been running in an area void of all the puddles I probably would’ve kept going because honestly, I felt like a badass and I like running in the rain. I really do.  I did manage 5 miles thought so that’s something.

Last week started off slow but I ended up with 26 miles for the week and an additional 8.5 miles of walking. Not bad but this week, I’ve got a schedule and I’m sticking to it because surprise, I’m going to run some races soon!

Oh, and I should mention, unless the pyrex comes to me, I’m on a self imposed ban of garage and estate sales for the time being.  I can’t promise it will last long but we’ll see.

So, what did you do this weekend?
Did it rain where you are?

2 thoughts on “Will run for pyrex.

  1. It has been non stop rain here in MI for about 3 days…so over it. And we are fully into fall weather too so its cold rain. I’d honestly rather run in snow then a cold 40* rain.
    This weekend I worked both Sat and Sun so I guess I’m glad it was dreary since I was working anyway, lol 🙂
    Have a wonderful week!

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