Thursday things, colds, core and Photoshop

Yesterday I went out for an easy run. I had 6 very easy miles on the schedule but I felt sort of weird so I decided to cut it short if I needed to. By weird, I mean I felt like something was off, like maybe I was getting sick but it hadn’t fully hit me yet.

Sometime after mile 3 I got the stomach pains that I’m sort of used after years of them but they weren’t going away. I could have toughed it out but I didn’t want to push it on an easy day so I decided to stop at mile 4 and then rounding a corner a few minutes before I finished I got sideswiped by a rather large thorn-bush and then this happened:

arm scratches


Later in the afternoon my nose started to run and my throat got sore, then very sore. I knew it. I could tell I was getting sick and now I have a cold. Needless to say I slept in this morning and I plan on resting as much as possible today, and tomorrow we’ll play it by ear. My arm is fine by the way, just a few scratches but I may run up to that thorn-bush today and chop the shit out of it.

In case you’re wondering when you may be too sick to run, I wrote a post about it here.

This morning when I got up I saw an article about Zendaya, who was upset over some photos that a magazine had Photoshopped, so of course I clicked on the article to take a look. Seriously, why on earth would these photos ever need to be retouched?  I can understand the lighting maybe, but her body, why?  Just why?

zenday's instagram

I think her body looks way better in the before picture (on the right).  Kudo’s to Zendaya for sticking up for herself. In all honesty this is not one of the most offensive Photoshop jobs I’ve ever seen but still, what does this mean to impressionable young girls?

Just one more thing….

Core strength is undeniably one of the most important parts of our overall fitness. If you’re like me you probably struggle finding the time to get in all of your training runs and strength workouts, where do you find the time to fit in anything else?

Of course I also work on the computer all day and all that sitting is horrible for me and my posture does tend to suffer, which really sucks for my running. I love this video I found showing some key moves that you can do at home at anytime to activate your core.

That’s it for me, I’m going to eat some warm soup and drink lots of water and hopefully blast this cold out of my body!

Do you run with a cold or do you rest?
What do you think of Zendaya’s picture?

Got any quick core moves that you would recommend?

10 thoughts on “Thursday things, colds, core and Photoshop

  1. oooo you caught me. i’m sitting at my desk and was TOTALLY slouching!! when i sit up the way im supposed to, i can definitely feel my core engage. thank youuuu! hahah

  2. it depends on how my breathing is when I’m sick whether or not I run.

    I see a lot of videos for “home” workouts and they invariably have the one thing that I don’t know how you’d adapt to a real home. Where do you tie the other end of the band? About the only pave would be the door knob of a closed door and I feel like that would come off easily.

    Her picture definitely did not need retouching outside of lighting.

    • I agree it is hard to find a place to tie the other end of the band but I have used the doorknob with no major issues but it was difficult at some angles. I need to ask some other people how they do it? Readers? Any suggestions?

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