WTF Wednesday, severed fingers and dirty dishes.


Every night around 9PM I lay out my running clothes for the next morning, I pack the guys a lunch if they need it, I get the coffee ready to start brewing at exactly 5:40AM, and I pick up the kitchen, put everything away, and wipe everything down. Last night was no exception except that as I was putting away the dishes in the dishwasher I noticed a few spots on one of the spoons.

At first I blamed it on one of the guys not rinsing the dishes before loading the dishwasher but then I noticed some food on a pot. It was shortly after that, when the dishwasher was almost completely unloaded and all the dishes put away that I realized, no one had run the dishwasher.

what the hell
So I had to locate everything that I had just put away and then reload the dishwasher and actually run it.  And even though I’m a bit hesitant to admit it, this might have happened before.

Typically for Halloween I make my standard mouse cookies which look sort of like this:

mice cookies
You can read all about how to make them here.

This year I wanted to mix it up a bit so I decided to make some severed finger cookies. I had to make a few batches before I got it right, but they still didn’t look all that great. When I finished I was a bit disappointed so I just threw them all in a container and popped them in the fridge.

The next day MacGyver pulled them out and holy all that is Halloween and scary do they look awesome.

See for yourself:

severed finger cookies


If you want to try to make them yourself, here is a recipe. They look a lot better than mine but I couldn’t get the fingers to fatten up no matter what I tried. If you can accomplish the fat finger look, please let me know how you do it and I might just attempt to make them again.

Did you watch The Walking Dead this week? I don’t want to give anything away in case you haven’t seen it but MacGyver and I have a bet going. I say he’s dead and MacGyver says he’s not. If you’ve seen the episode and you know what I’m talking about, what do you think?  I will say I’m glad to see the old Carol.  I like killer Carol so much better than baking cookies Carol, don’t you?

Remember when I gave up drinking soda? Well, except for 2 occasions of weakness, I’m still soda free. And after seeing this video, I couldn’t be happier!  Watch it and you will never want to drink soda again.

WTF? Because Wednesday!

You know how it works, tell me about one of your WTF moments this week.

Hank Post 1



I’m down here….



It’s me, it’s me, Hanky!

Hello.  I’m Hank.  My human usually writes on here but she was really busy today and so I decided to take over the blog and show you how the other half lives.  The other half being me and my brother, Boomer.

We sort of run the place and some people say we have the life so, I’ll show you and you can be the judge.

We go for lots of car rides.

The car makes us sleepy.

The car makes us sleepy.

We have a cabin in the middle of nowhere with lots of land.

dog town

We have a paddleboard to ride on in the middle of the Gulf.


We ride on our own ATV’s.

atv hank

Sometimes we go swimming in our pool.  Occasionally we have to share the water….


Sometimes we get fenced in and we don’t like that very much.


But most of the time the humans take us on the boat because we really love to fish.


And one of us loves to swim…bet you can’t guess which one.

boomer swimming

My brother has a thing for balls.  I think it’s because he lost his.

catching ball

He also has a thing for toys and he has lots of them.  Some are mine but they all become his eventually.  I don’t mind because I’ve still got my balls.

What? I need something to compensate...

What? I need something to compensate…

I think we have a pretty cool life.

can i get some privacy

But in case you don’t believe me, we have medals to prove it.

boomer medal

Does this medal make me look fat?

Does this medal make me look fat?

This was fun.  If you liked it be sure and tell my human.  Maybe she’ll let me do it more often…..


Do you have pets?
If so, tell me what kind.  I’m sort of on the lookout for a wife and the future mother of my babies.

Little Greek Fresh Grill, so delish!

I’m back. Well, I’m back from the depths of cold and flu despair. I’m still not 100% but considering what I felt like last week, I’ll take it because last week was pretty much a wash.

The week before was pretty busy. I was invited to an event through my affiliation with the Tampa Bay Bloggers to attend a tasting at the Clearwater location of the Little Greek Fresh Grill. I was provided with free food and a gift card but all opinions are my own.

Living so close to Tarpon Springs, Florida, MacGyver and I have had our fair share of Greek food. In fact, we like to think we’re pretty well versed in Greek cuisine and we eat it quite regularly so I was pretty excited to try out this location of the Little Greek Fresh Grill.

little greek fresh grill
Thanks to Heather at My Sweet Savings for the picture.

I was surprised to see how large the menu actually is. They offer everything from gyros to hummus and the portions are quite large. Fortunately for me they also offer light meals, (and even MacGyver, who as you know is crazy cheap, thought the prices were really good.  I know!)

After a sampling of the appetizers, which were incredibly good, we ordered dinner.


Some of the appetizers we sampled. The hummus is great!

I chose the Dolmades specifically because I have eaten them in traditional Greek restaurants and I wanted to see if the Little Greek Fresh Grill was comparable.

Based on how delicious the appetizers were I was expecting the dolmades to be really good but they were beyond good, they were awesome!  MacGyver ordered the Lamb skewers and they were equally impressive. I neglected to take a photo of MacGyver’s food because I was busy eating, a lot.

Fortunately, you don’t have to live in Clearwater to enjoy the goodness of this restaurant because they have several locations. I highly recommend you try it and I can assure you, you will not be disappointed.

In fact we liked the Little Greek Fresh Grill so much that last week when I was under the weather MacGyver came home with the Olympian Pita and the Pita Burger, and of course, hummus, yum!  Yeah, so we’ve been back twice already and I’m sure we’ll be back several more times.  In fact, you can pretty much bet on it.

If you do happen to live in the Clearwater area, Little Greek Fresh Grill is located at 2245 Gulf to Bay Blvd in the Publix plaza. You can also check out their website, or check them out on Facebook or Twitter for special offers and promotions.

And if you happen to live in Arkansas, Texas or Kentucky and you visit them, please be sure to let me know what you think.

Do you like Greek food?  I love it!
What’s your favorite Greek food?  I love dolmades and lamb skewers dipped in tzaziki sauce.