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I’m down here….



It’s me, it’s me, Hanky!

Hello.  I’m Hank.  My human usually writes on here but she was really busy today and so I decided to take over the blog and show you how the other half lives.  The other half being me and my brother, Boomer.

We sort of run the place and some people say we have the life so, I’ll show you and you can be the judge.

We go for lots of car rides.

The car makes us sleepy.

The car makes us sleepy.

We have a cabin in the middle of nowhere with lots of land.

dog town

We have a paddleboard to ride on in the middle of the Gulf.


We ride on our own ATV’s.

atv hank

Sometimes we go swimming in our pool.  Occasionally we have to share the water….


Sometimes we get fenced in and we don’t like that very much.


But most of the time the humans take us on the boat because we really love to fish.


And one of us loves to swim…bet you can’t guess which one.

boomer swimming

My brother has a thing for balls.  I think it’s because he lost his.

catching ball

He also has a thing for toys and he has lots of them.  Some are mine but they all become his eventually.  I don’t mind because I’ve still got my balls.

What? I need something to compensate...

What? I need something to compensate…

I think we have a pretty cool life.

can i get some privacy

But in case you don’t believe me, we have medals to prove it.

boomer medal

Does this medal make me look fat?

Does this medal make me look fat?

This was fun.  If you liked it be sure and tell my human.  Maybe she’ll let me do it more often…..


Do you have pets?
If so, tell me what kind.  I’m sort of on the lookout for a wife and the future mother of my babies.

8 thoughts on “Hank Post 1

  1. Sorry Hank, my girl can’t have your pups. Plus, she’s partial to black labs.

    Poor Boomer. He’s misunderstood.
    BTW I think you’ve got a bear dog hybrid 🙂

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