Friday fun including Usain and an 8 year old personal trainer.

Hello from the lovely Englewood, Florida.


Just having some morning coffee with Snoopy and the sunrise.

Did you see the 8 year old kid on Ellen? The kid who is a personal trainer from Jamaica?  He challenged Usain Bolt to a race and I mentioned he’s 8 right? And a personal trainer of sorts.  Well the race is obviously a bit staged but oh my God is this kid the cutest thing. You have to watch it.  (At around the 4:48 mark there is a hilarious moment, it cracked me up.)

No Weakness!  We know muscle!   I am going to put that on my iPod.  That kid is so motivating.

Today is a rest day for me and MacGyver and I are just taking care of some things down here in Englewood. I have 19 miles in for the week so far so after my long run and easy run this weekend I should be where I need to be. I’m increasing my mileage slowly each week and then I’ll start working on speed again.

I’ve gotten a little slower this year and I was concerned about it so I did a little research as I normally do on ways to increase speed as you get older and I found this next article pretty interesting.

getting older and slowerYou can read the full article here.

I’ve obviously got to get to work on my strength training and weight workouts!

Do you feel like you’re getting faster or slower as you get older?
Did the 8 year old personal trainer motivate you too?

What are your weekend plans?

4 thoughts on “Friday fun including Usain and an 8 year old personal trainer.

  1. The 8 year old cracked me up. Shaking his finger, “no weakness”!

    Missed my 10mile run because the cops were searching in my neighborhood this morning. Was going to go on my own a bit later but my street was still blocked so I gave up and went back to bed 🙁 maybe Sun? There’s a social group so I can show up with them and run more on my own, maybe.

  2. -I think I’m getting faster because I’ve dropped a few lbs 🙂 thanks weight watchers!
    -Love an 8 yr old trainer, haha
    -Weekend = family time, baking, and the pumpkin patch!
    Have a great weekend!! 🙂

    • OOOOH, a pumpkin patch sounds so fun! I would love to go to one but somewhere other than here. It’s no fun to look at pumpkins and trying to get into the spirit of fall while smacking mosquitos off your neck! Have fun!

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