Friday five – dog warnings & rockets

Time got away from me yesterday and I totally forgot to post anything….but I was busy hanging out with the kid and can I just say that the most ordinary day turned into one of the best days ever. I had such a good time with that young man I’ve raised. He makes me so proud.

We went to some estate sales, went to the vitamin store to get some supplements and had lunch at a little diner. We also made a trip to the Safety Harbor Post Office which has to be the friendliest post office in the entire world. Who can be unhappy when your building looks like this?

Safety Harbor Post Office
Am I right?

This week I was reading Cely’s blog and she mentioned that she was out walking with a ‘nervous’ dog when she was approached by some off-leasher’s. That happens to me on the reg and I commented that I had gotten my dogs a harness with a warning. A lot of other people also left comments on her post saying they had experienced problems with off-leashers and one commenter wanted to know where I got the harnesses from.

Unfortunately, the store that I got them from is no longer in business but I did a little research and found these:

warning bandanas

These bandanas are around 10 bucks and you can order them from their etsy store.

warning jackets

These jackets are under 20 bucks and you can order them here.

Of course, we can all make this a little simpler if only the irresponsible dog owners would just leash their damn dogs.

Okay I’m moving on now.

I really wanted to share the new Honey Boo Boo song with you, but I just…I just cant. It’s so bad, after watching just 20 seconds of it, I started to hate life. I could not in good conscience do that to you.

We’re staying home this weekend because of the glorious weather. MacGyver is going hunting and I’m going to attempt a long run. I have a feeling I can do it!

Lastly, I just watched an amazing rocket launch this morning.  Atlas 5 went up around 6:30am.  I ran outside so fast I forgot to get a picture of the rocket itself but I did get a picture of the cloud formation that happened afterward, check it out:

rocket cloud

Sweet, isn’t it?

That’s the beauty of living in Florida.  It may be hot but I get to see rockets launch!

What are your plans for the weekend?
Do you have a long run planned?
Ever seen a rocket launch?

2 thoughts on “Friday five – dog warnings & rockets

  1. I did 10 miles today (intervals though). Epsom salt bath. Probably get some new Brooks. I got ditched by 3 friends for an event today! So I’m just going to read and hopefully meal plan and grocery shop. Sunday, getting my truck a/c fixed and the running group cook out. Wake up the dog intermittently for waking me up at 130 the night of my long run 🙂

    I’ve seen shuttle launches.

    • That’s awesome! 10 miles in 10 miles no matter how you look at it 🙂 and I almost spit out my coffee when I read the ‘wake up the dog intermittently’ part, that is hilarious! I’m going to do the same thing to my little bastards the next time they wake me up! 😉

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