Cold Fronts, Speedwork and Lucy

I turned on the news first thing this morning and immediately heard the weather anchor say “With the cold front that blew in overnight, temperatures in the bay area are much cooler and a lot more comfortable.”

cold front?

Bitch please!


It didn’t feel all that cool to me but I had to get in a quick run because I had to take the Kid in for a minor medical procedure at 8:30AM and since it was only 5:30AM and pitch black dark outside, I decided my only option was a 3 miler on the treadmill.

And since time was limited, I thought I would try a little speed. I finished in 25:56. My splits were:

mile 1   9:01
mile 2   8:44
mile 3   8:11

Note to self: Speed work is best on days when I have little time to spare.

Unfortunately I don’t have much time to update here either because I’ve got to hit up the apple store. Don’t ask!  Just don’t.

But, before I go, one more thing, today is National I love Lucy Day!

lucy quotes

Lucille Ball

Well said Lucy!

Be good to yourself and have a fantastic day, I’ll be back tomorrow morning….

How often do you do speedwork?
Do you make speedwork a priority? Why or why not?
Have you ever watched “I love Lucy”? It was one of my favorite shows when I was younger.

8 thoughts on “Cold Fronts, Speedwork and Lucy

  1. Great time on the 3 miles, if we were running together I would have gotten there about 12 minutes later! lol
    Cold front???? Hahaha, we’re expecting a couple of inches of snow on the weekend, kind of unheard of, even for this part of Canada!!

    • Snow already? Holy icicles! Make sure you dress warmly but then you probably already know that. I would have to be reminded because I’d be so excited to see snow I’d probably forget it was cold and run right out in my jammies! 😉

  2. My ideal pattern in a week is one long slow run, one speed session (intervals, hillsprints etc.) and one tempo-run – and then 1-3 short & slow recovery runs.

    I really like speedwork – it’s usually quite quickly over with, and as long as the intervals are not too long, it’s not too painful either. There always a chance to rest in a little while – and it’s fun and motivating to run fast!
    Being in Denmark, however, makes it rather hard to do them in a good way in the winter – the recovery periods typically involves excessive sweating – and that makes me cold REAL quick. So in the winter I do them sparingly, and make a point of doing active recovery. (Slow running)
    The alternative offcourse is the Threadmill – but I just get bores REALLY quickly on that – and then I start feeling sorry for myself when the “pain” eventually comes – and that ends that workout prematurly 😉 Considering the alternative usually involves running around on semi-dark paths with nothing interesting to look at either, I find it really strange that I bore so quickly on the threadmill – but I do 🙂

    Never watched “I love Lucy” 🙂

    I’ve always seen good result with speedwork if one is disciplines about getting it done, and getting it done right – as little as a few weeks of really focused effort can really make a difference in your “base” speed

    • I like your schedule Jan, it’s very balanced yet still emphasizes improvement and I like that. I love Tempo runs to but my biggest fear for whatever reason is hills. I’m going to work on that though because I know what hills do for me and I’d really like to get back in the low 8’s and high 7’s. 🙂 Great advice.

  3. I need to do speedwork more often! I’ve been focusing on my long runs and time on my feet for my ultras, but in soccer games I’m noticing I cant catch up or keep up! If I do more speedwork, I will be a better player for sure. Eek!

    And we’ve had similar temperatures down here in Los Angeles…. So over it. Ready for 60s and 70s!

    • Perhaps do some interval on uphills? Hillwork is marvelous for so many things:
      – It’s speedtraining in disguise since your HR goes up
      – It’s also essentially strength training in disguise
      – It’s almost impossible to get injured due to bad technique running UP a hill, in fact it will drill your brain into good running form to a degree
      – It’s very applicable to Ultrarunning (if your ultras are anything like typical ultras there is likely a lot a climb in them)

      With regards to temperatures I would hardly be able to run once you get in to the eigthies.. 60 fahrenheit is my optimal temperature – but we’re at 48 and dropping rapidly here…

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