WTF Wednesday…Secrets

When I was younger I was pretty sure that I was going to marry a dark and mysterious guy.  Someone who drove a really fast sports car, spoke a foreign language, and maybe worked as a spy.

I didn’t.

Instead I ended up with my best friend and the man who doesn’t like to run but does love to fish, loves the water, loves to camp, and loves to make me happy.  And it doesn’t hurt that he also shares my sense of humor, (which would be that of a 12 year old boy.)

The secret to our relationship is that we share common interest, understand our differences and love each other unconditionally.

This morning I got up early and got ready to run.  Before leaving I came back to the bedroom to tell MacGyver I’d be back soon.

Me:             Babe, I’m going for a run.
MacGyver:  Is the sun up?  What time is it?
Me:             Its a few minutes to 7.
MacGyver:  Hu.. uh?
Me:             I said it’s a few minutes to 7.
MacGyver: I didn’t say anything, that was a fart.
Me:            Your fart sounded like it said huh?
MacGyver: I know, my farts are talented.
Me:            Yes, they are.

See?  We get each other.


WTF?  It must be Wednesday!

Now, tell me your secret to a long lasting relationship.

6 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday…Secrets

  1. This absolutely cracked me up and made my day lol 😀 my secret? Don’t know yet. It’ll be one year in Oct! So far we just try to respect our differences and as long as I keep running and he cooks we’re good! 😉

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