This mornings run… was awkward!

Hey from Venice!

Casey Key
Remember when I said I’ve been having a lot of migraines recently and getting injured without knowing how, or even knowing that I was injured in the first place? Yeah, well, I’m seeing my doctor here in Venice today just to make sure everything is okay. I’m sure it is but you can never be too careful even if you’re a 37 year old real housewife.

But before I head off to the doctor’s office I thought I would share with a little tidbit about my run this morning.

I headed out around 7am but it was already ridiculously humid. As I ran down the path I noticed some overgrown bushes hanging over the trail. I saw the wet morning dew beading on the bushes and I decided to run through them in the hopes I’d get some water on me and cool myself down.

It was a good idea except for the little black gnat-like bugs that ended up pasted to my skin and clothes, and they were not about to come off without a shower, so I just decided to finish my run.  When I came upon the trail head closest to my house there was a man and two ladies sitting on the bench having morning coffee.

The lady looked up and said, “It looks like you got attacked by some bugs.”

After thinking about it for probably a bit too long I said, “Yes, and I’m gnat happy.”

And then the man began to speak in what was the most crystal clear Peter Griffen, straight outta Boston voice I have ever heard, and he said, “Why? Did you fall down?”

I said, “NO, I said I’m gnat happy, gnat

He said, “I know, did you fall?”

I said, “No, I said gnat, g, n, a, t, get it?”

And he said, “Oh I got it a long time ago, it’s just gnat funny.”

“Oh, everybody’s a comedian,” I said.

And without missing a beat the man said, “Well, everybody but you.”

And then I laughed a little forced laugh and ran my awkward ass back home.

Have a great Friday y’all!

6 thoughts on “This mornings run… was awkward!

  1. Hey….I think you could be a comedian! And I should know, my son does stand-up comedy! I was attacked by those gnat-thingies when I lived in MN! I kid you not–I was COVERED as I ran around a lake once….it was like a horror movie! Love your blog!

  2. HAH that’s actually really funny. I mean, I’m sure I wouldn’t be as amused if it were me… but thats silly. Gnat funny. love it. I hope the doctor’s appointment goes well!

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