Olympian to Escort and choosing running shoes

After coming back from vacation I had a lot of work that needed to get done so I wasn’t able to catch up on all my favorite sites until later in the evening.

after vacation


One of the first articles that I came across was a story about a local judge, Cynthia Newton.  I’ve often wondered what exactly they wear under those robes.  I mean, I know they’re wearing business attire but I wonder if it’s semi casual, casual, a polo shirt, a dress, you know?

In this story it could be this:

Judge Newton

Source: www.baynews9.com

Judge Cynthia Newton, a local civil court judge is training for her fourth Ironman.

Obviously I was intrigued and I wondered if the judge had run in any of the races that I’ve participated in. She had. But the most interesting thing was this article. Apparently Judge Newton isn’t the only running judge in our county, we’ve got two and a Boston qualifier to boot!  Wait what?

Did I mention that these women are judges? That’s quite impressive in my opinion.

Also while I was catching up on all my favorite sites I realized I missed an episode of 20/20 that I had really wanted to see. I was able to find clips of it on hulu so I got the gist of it but I want more.  That’s why I am super excited to get this book later in the week that I pre-ordered from Amazon.

Fast Girl
In case you aren’t familiar with Suzy Favor Hamilton, you can read about her here.
I’ve been looking forward to reading the book since I first heard about her struggles with bipolar disease and how she is managing to control it. She uses running and yoga to help her maintain those highs she craves.

I often joke that I use running to avoid punching people or losing my mind but it may sort of be true some days.  Anyway, the book should arrive on Thursday and I can hardly wait.

If you want to know more about Suzy Favor Hamilton, there is an article in People Magazine and I found this interesting interview with her husband explaining why he is sticking by her and how to help loved ones suffering from bipolar disease. They are both good reads if you have a few minutes.

And since today is Tuesday and I didn’t have any fitness tech related info to share I thought instead I’d offer a tip in the form of a video I found.

I always recommend visiting your local running store for a gait analysis but sometimes that isn’t possible.  This video is one of the more helpful ones that I’ve seen on how to choose a running shoe. So, if you’re in the hunt for new running shoes and have no idea where to start, this may help.

Everything you need to know when picking out a running shoe.

Do you know anyone who struggles from mental illness?
Do you think running is good therapy for mental illness?

Tell me why you run.

2 thoughts on “Olympian to Escort and choosing running shoes

  1. Oh, I think running is GREAT for mental illness. All different disorders, too. I’ve seen friends and clients benefit and overcome depression, eating disorders, anxiety, OCD, all sorts of issues they’re having! I use it myself for alone time haha. I feel like Im around people and taking care of their issues a LOT and when I run, it’s when I can focus on myself.

    • I agree with you it is great for mental illness. I use it for my ‘me time’ as well but also to help combat my extreme OCD, however I must admit that sometimes it exacerbates my symptoms such as never being able to stop on certain numbers, having to do so many miles, etc. Overall though, it’s been very helpful for me and it doesn’t hurt that I love it too. 🙂

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