Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!

Hopefully you’re out doing something fun! I’ve got some big plans but we’ll get to that in a minute. First, let’s get caught up.

Inspector Gadget and the family left on Saturday (so sad to see them go) but my awesome sister in law was able to capture the very best video ever and she sent it to me before they left.

Let me share with you, the Bat-talion.

(Thanks for getting that video Philly, you’re the best, I love you!)

On Saturday afternoon I threw together dinner with some random things I found in the fridge and it turned out to be the best dinner ever. It was just a salad and a few ears of corn but it was delicious.

The salad, with some turkey, cucumbers, blackberries, goat cheese and a few other random things.

epic salad

And the ears of corn with just about the cutest corn cob holders on the planet.

Ears of corn

I also managed to get to the store on Saturday and buy a watermelon but by Sunday afternoon it was all gone so no pictures.  Sorry, not sorry.

And last night my sister and her husband flew into town and we picked them up at the airport. We had a nice little dinner at Johnny’s Italian Restaurant before heading back to our house. We’re headed south this morning for some R and R.

I made this little note for them and put it on their bed.

Gone Fishin

Yep, we’ve gone fishin!  Happy Labor Day!  Get out there and enjoy it.  🙂

What are you doing today?

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