Friday, surfing in heels.

Happy Friday! And oh what a happy day it is because, 3 day weekend!

long weekendWho can complain about that, right?  Not me!

I got up early this morning to run 3 miles. I was so excited about the weekend that I decided to run outside instead of on the treadmill. I ran outside when we were in Englewood so I don’t know why I haven’t been running outside here except that it seems so much easier to run on the mill with my high powered fan. Not to mention, more comfortable.  Did I mention how much I love to be comfortable?

I’m pretty sure the combination of my excitement for the weekend and the fact that I saw September on the calendar, which erroneously made me think it was fall, convinced me it would be an awesome day to run outside.

I was obviously delirious but I did manage to run those 3 miles though so there’s that.

Obviously Labor Day is a big sale weekend. I get hundreds of emails regarding sales because I might shop a little every now and then. Anyway, here are a few of the sales going on this weekend.

DSW is offering $10 off anything, $20 off $99 and $40 off of $199. Use code FALL2015 in stores or online.
Shoe Mall has 25% off if you use code LABORDAY.
REI is having a Labor Day sale with up to 30% off.

Last night the kid and I made a quick trip to Aldi for some milk and eggs. I love eating hard boiled eggs after my morning workout and MacGyver likes them too. I usually boil up quite a few at a time and keep them in the fridge for breakfast. I also put them in my salads. That’s the reason I usually buy two cartons at a time.

Last night at Aldi I picked out two cartons, checked to make sure there were no cracks or broken eggs, put them in my cart and then turned around and saw the price.

At almost 3 bucks a carton I am seriously considering the purchase of a chicken! What the hell happened? When did eggs get so expensive? And why? Jeez, that’s just crazy.

And now before I go, I’d like to show you a video that is badass. And I mean really badass. Check out pro surfer Maud Le Car, a great surfer normally, but completely badass as she does it in high heels!

So, what are your plans for the upcoming 3 day weekend?

2 thoughts on “Friday, surfing in heels.

  1. I remember hearing in the spring that there were increased regulations on chicken farmers. Maybe something to do with having less confining environments? But the prediction was that egg prices would go up. Best eggs to buy are free range organic…. That gets really pricey…if you can even find the free range part of that…

    • I’m definitely considering a chicken…we live in an unincorporated town and they’re allowed and several of my neighbors have them. As much as I love eggs, I will probably do it. 🙂

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