Friday – Four quickie’s

This puppy is the best. When most puppies do something wrong they whimper or whine and beg forgiveness but not this guy. This guy takes out the witness!

This teacher in Alabama found a way to get his kids to exercise and all while enjoying this popular song. Watch below as he ‘whips’ them into shape.

Did you know that can now predict migraine headaches? Well, sort of. I wish I would have known this 2 days ago, I could’ve saved myself so much time. I’m not sure if it actually works or not but they can predict the fishing forecast based on the tides so who knows? Maybe next year accuweather will be able to predict ovulation…


MacGyver is off today and it also happens to be Friday and I’m taking a rest day so we’re doing the only reasonable thing to do.

garage sale

We’re going to garage sales! And Estate Sales!

Happy Friday.

What are you doing today?

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