WTF Wednesday, Treadmill Dancer

When I shredded the belt on my treadmill MacGyver was convinced that part of the reason it happened was because the treadmill was sitting on a rug and slanting downward on the lanai. I don’t know if he was right or wrong but we removed the rug anyway and replaced it with a rubber mat. There wasn’t much we could do about the slope since it’s just how the lanai is but MacGyver replaced the belt and balanced it and that was that.

For the past few weeks I’ve noticed that my super powered industrial fan feels great for the first few miles but as I keep running it seems like it isn’t working all that well. At first I chalked it up to the heat of summer and possibly my thyroid being out of whack but yesterday I realized there was indeed a problem.

I thought that my treadmill was possibly possessed by a demon dog.

dog walking on treadmill

No, that wasn’t it.

Or maybe someone was using it behind my back! Maybe someone was sneaking onto the lanai and using on my treadmill and changing all of my settings.

dog using treadmillBut that wasn’t the problem either.  Fortunately, I soon discovered what the problem was.

My fan was not in the same position as it was when I first started running. I was pretty sure that the vibration of the treadmill was possibly moving it but I realized the fan hadn’t moved at all…. my treadmill had.

It turns out that the rubber mat isn’t all that effective if the floor slopes because I ran 4 miles yesterday but my treadmill walked 2 feet!  TWO. WHOLE. FEET!

I told MacGyver about it but he insisted it’s not the floor but rather the fact that I’m too hard on the treadmill. “After all you do have a history of breaking them”, he told me. At first I was a little offended but then I imagined what he thinks I actually do on the treadmill.

treadmill girl

Treadmillin like a boss!

I kind of like him thinking I’m that much of a badass.  So in the meantime, I got some gorilla glue and glued the back legs and front wheels of the treadmill to the rubber mat. I thought it would work when I got on this morning and it was fine for the first few miles.

And then it started inching forward, mat and all.  Dammit!  Guess I’m gonna have to place that sucker against a wall.  It’s sure gonna be hard to practice my dance moves that way…..

WTF, It MUST be Wednesday!

Your turn, tell me your WTF moment of the week!

6 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, Treadmill Dancer

  1. ugh. my soccer team lost our first game of the season, and we were the season champs last season with an almost undefeated season. one of the goals slipped past myself but brushed my leg AND slipped past the goalie and touched his hand!! It was SO frustrating, I was muttering wtf to myself a lot yesterday hahaha

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