Thyroid issues and fat shaming.

Good Monday morning! I’m back home after spending 3 days down in the Venice and Englewood areas. Things were pretty busy down there and it was hard to find a spare moment but we did manage to get in a little fishing and I did get to run on my favorite trail a few times too.

The LEgacy Trail
I ran 5 miles on Friday and 6 miles on Sunday.  On Saturday I took a rest day and MacGyver and I took a break from working on the house and went out to do a little fishing.

This was one of the first times I can honestly say the fishing at all of our favorite spots just plain sucked. We hardly caught anything so we decided to go a mile offshore near Sharky’s Pier and we caught a few Key West grunts which we opted to throw back.

Venice inlet

At least it was pretty out and the sun was shining!

One of the reasons that we went down to Venice was so that I could see my doctor. I had gone to see her a few weeks ago because I just wasn’t feeling quite like myself. I was a bit more tired than usual and I have had a bit of trouble getting things done that I normally would never have a problem with.

For the first time in years, I just haven’t felt like running any more than a few miles at a time. It’s not that anything was hurting, it’s just that I would get so tired when I was running and this had been going on for a few months.

so tired

Oh little buddy, I know exactly how you feel…

There was also the matter of that 5 pounds that seemingly appeared overnight and would not budge. Couple that with the 5 extra pounds that was already hanging around from the winter and I was starting to get depressed. So, after a few months of this I decided to visit the doctor and she ordered a round of blood test.

I was pretty sure she was going to say everything was fine and that all of this was a direct result of me getting older, but she didn’t. Instead she told me that my thyroid was out of whack again.  Yes, again!

thyroid problems

I’d say you’ve never had a true thyroid issue, bitch!

If you’ve ever had an issue with your thyroid, then you know it’s very frustrating but I’m confident that with the proper dose of replacement hormones I’ll be back to myself in no time.  Here’s hoping anyway!

thyroid troubles
So, after taking care of doctor things and then taking care of things around the house we headed home last night. I didn’t really peruse the internet too much while we were down there mostly because I didn’t have the time.  When we got home last night I got myself all caught up and I came across a story that I wanted to share with you.

This is Lindsey Swift and her boyfriend.

Lindsey Swift

Lindsey was out running and training as she has a goal to get fit and run a 10K. It was during this run when a passerby decided to fat shame her and yell out rude comments.

At first she was upset about it, but she refused to let that asshat have the last word. What Lindsey did was awesome.  Lindsey decided to pen an open letter on her facebook page, and it’s classic.  Here’s an excerpt:

“Let me make one thing very clear, I am not ashamed of my body. It has never stopped me from doing anything I want. My fat body has done things that you, hanging out of the window of your babe-magnet white van could only ever dream of.”

You can read more about the incident and Lindsey’s letter in its entirety here.

Have you had any issues with your thyroid?
Do you take any replacement hormones?
What would you do if someone yelled a rude comment to you while out running?

4 thoughts on “Thyroid issues and fat shaming.

  1. I hope you get to feeling better soon!
    -I’ve never had someone (that I’ve heard) yell or say anything (but I don’t look like a running, sometimes I wonder if people see me and think, “good for her for trying.” even though I’ve been running for a few years now). Honestly I wouldn’t have been as put together as that women. I would have probably fallen apart right then and there on my run or yelled something inappropriate back and got myself in a heap of trouble. Good for her though! Pretty much a rock star by definition.

    • I agree! She handed him his ass with the grace of a princess, for sure. I loved it. I will never understand what possesses people to shout out their uninvited opinions. I chalk it up to lack of home training. They’re just a bunch of neanderthals!

  2. Hope the thyroid issue clears itself up soon and that 5 pounds melts away again! I’ve never had the rude comment issue myself but, as it usually happens, I would think of a real smart reply about half an hour after the incident was all over lol! I always find it best to have something prepared for those situations but sometimes I think a smile and a wave is the best way of handling random shit like that.

    • I have that 5 minute after problem too, well sometimes I do and then sometimes I can think of retorts on the spur of the moment, but I’ve been trying to filter myself lately for fear of bodily harm 😉

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