Thursday, 2, 17.5, 67

Two. Two out of eight hundred and thirty two. That’s the number of pages in the September issue of Vogue magazine that feature plus size models. And it’s an ad no less.

vogue ad
The ad is a 2 page spread with the hashtag, PlusIsEqual and the tagline ‘It’s Time for Change’. It also has the date of 9/14/15 and the website That’s it.

Those two pages are a paid advertisement. The only two pages in Vogue to feature plus sized models is a paid advertisement. It just reiterates the message of the website the advertisement directs you to.

The website also points out that 67% of US women are size 14 to 34.  Sixty Seven percent!

It’s not just plus sized women that the fashion industry ignores. No, they don’t like regular sizes either.  In fact, according to one model, they prefer women with bodies that are unobtainable to most of us.

This is Agnes Hedengard

Agnes hedengard

Anges is a Swedish model with a BMI of 17.5 but according to the fashion industry her butt is too big and her hips are too wide.  Her response is powerful and worthy of your attention.

But, I’ll let you be the judge, take a look at what Agnes had to say.

And now I want to hear from you.

Do you think Agnes is too big to be a model?
What do you think about the fashion industry?
Do you think normal sized women are accurately represented?

4 thoughts on “Thursday, 2, 17.5, 67

  1. I absolutely do NOT think Agnes is too “big” for modeling. She is a lovely young girl. It’s really a shame how magazine and ads/ billboards portray what a “beautiful” women should look like.
    I have a hard time with those things esp raising a young girl. I am not thin, I am fit and muscular and I’ve NEVER once talked negatively about myself in front of her. I think raising young girls in our society is so difficult because well, like you said 67% of women are in the range that magazines/ads call “too big.” So sad.

    • I think it gets worse by the year too. Even models 10 or 15 years ago weighed more than they do now and I personally think Agnes looks healthy but she is a bit thin. I’m just shocked anyone would call her big. I wish the fashion industry would represent all types of women but I think any one who does will be just a novelty and that’s really, really sad.

    • I know, it’s crazy. And I’m not sure how it will come off but I also find it irritating that none of the clothes that I see in magazines will ever fit me the way they fit the ‘models’. Because I’m not a 5’10 115 pound girl. It makes me all kinds of ragey when I see something I love and I try it on and it looks like shit on me.

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