Throwback Thursday, playing games

When I was kid during the summer months we used to spend our weekends at Cherokee Lake. I have so many memories of our weekends at the cabin. Mostly my memories revolve around the lake itself and water skiing, boating, or fishing.  But there was another past time we would often participate in and that was playing games. More specifically, board games.

Several months ago I was shopping at the local Aldi and I came across a board game that I used to play at the lake with my siblings and all my cousins. It’s a popular game or at least it was back in the day.  The packaging was different from the one I remember and the rules were a bit different, but I decided to buy it anyway.

Later that same day we packed up to go to our Venice house and I took the game down there.For months it would reside in a drawer located in the coffee table in the living room. It wasn’t like I didn’t want to play the game, I just couldn’t get anyone to play with me.

When MacGyver and I decided to join our good friends in the Keys recently, I decided to take the game along. It was the best decision I could have ever made. We opened it up to play the second night we were there and then we played every day thereafter. Not only did we have a great time but we laughed our asses off.  When we left, I decided to leave the game with our friends because I know they play games frequently and I was sure they would use it more than I would.

A few days after we came home and got all caught up with work I was doing a bit of ahem, ‘research’, on etsy.  I came across the original version of the game. I had no idea it dated back to 1967!  And then I saw the box and it brought back so many good memories. Memories of my Grandmother pulling out the game for us kids to play. Memories of touching the plastic ball popper thingy through the hole in the box and the click, click sound.   Memories of all my cousins and how much fun we had….

Guess what came in the mail yesterday?

Trouble the game

We bout to get into some Trouble!

What was your favorite game as a child?
Do you still play it?

10 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday, playing games

  1. I love board games but have no one really to play with. My dad and I play over Christmas (Scrabble).
    I had Trouble and Sorry. Haha that’s funny when put together

    • LOL, Sorry was also my jam. Great game and scrabble, I’m guilty of playing that one online on POGO on the reg, it’s a problem. #sorrynotsorry See what I did there 😉

  2. Wow did that ever bring back a lot of great memories! “Pop o matic” haha!

    ‘Twister’ is the game we played a lot of!

    • Yes, that’s a great one too! I was never any good at it though, my hands are not steady. It’s a good thing I liked seeing his nose light up more than getting the pieces out! LOL

  3. hahahah ahh that’s so fun! I love board games. There’s a place near our apartment that my friends and I go to called Game Haus. It’s $5 to play, but they have THOUSANDS of games. thouuuusands. it is really really awesome! We loved one game so much, we ended up finding it on ebay 🙂 Upwords!

    One family game that we do NOT play anymore (it’s now become a family joke) is Parcheesi. As soon as one of us mentions it, someone else gets up to “go to bed”.

    • LOL, Never been a fan of Parcheesi either but I do love some board games and I am super jealous of the Game Haus! We need one of those. I would totally pay 5 bucks to play all kinds of games. 🙂

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