Tech Tuesday – Shorts that measure muscle imbalance and more!

When I’m looking for workout routines, I usually turn to my smart TV and YouTube for the best variety and endless options and when I’m looking for stats to help me with my running, I turn to my Garmin. Technology is extremely helpful in providing me with the things that I need to improve my fitness without having to join a gym, hire a coach or a personal trainer.

But what if my form is bad? What if I’m favoring one side of my body over the other? What if certain muscles are weaker than others? How would I know?

Recently, I read about a gym in California using products from Athos Wearables and in researching what the wearables actually do I found out that they are available to the general public. I don’t have to go all the way to California to join a gym. I don’t have to join any gym.  I can just go buy the shorts myself.  But then I wondered, would I want to?

Athos wearables with sensors

Introducing Athos Wearables. Athos Wearables are smart. Very smart. The shorts and shirts have built-in sensors that can track muscle effort and activity. It then sends that data to your smartphone giving you real-time information about how you’re doing. It shows you exactly what muscles are firing, how hard, and in what sequence, so if you need to you can correct your form immediately.

Athos WearablesHow cool is that?

For someone like me who tends to suffer from hip issues, this product would be an amazing advantage. There’s also the added bonus of not having to remember to charge and then put on the Garmin, the fit bit, and the HRM.

This clothing comes with two different tech components, the built in sensors located in the actual clothing, and the core, which is a small plastic accessory that snaps into the pants or the shirt or both. The great part about this clothing is that it measures your muscle effort and then wirelessly displays it on your iPhone. Typically equipment like that would cost a fortune and only be available in a gym.

Athos wearable shorts
To purchase the core and both the shirt and shorts be prepared to spend around 400 bucks. If you’re new to exercise or just a casual participant, this may not be the product for you. There’s also the matter of washing. Right now the company recommends hand washing but then that’s how I wash most of my work out clothing anyway.

I haven’t purchased the products yet as I’m still in the research phase but this may be a product I’d like to have. The price is a little steep but if I can correct my form before I risk or suffer an injury, it’s worth so much more than that. If you’d like to learn more, click here to visit the company website.

Tell me what do you think about the Athos wearables?
Would you purchase them?

4 thoughts on “Tech Tuesday – Shorts that measure muscle imbalance and more!

  1. I have problems with my hips, too The capris look like they’d be hot, though. And very form fitting. But I love this idea! Hmm, they’re about the same price as a higher end garmin, no?

    • I’m pretty sure my Garmin was a bit more. 🙂 I also think they look hot and I’ve read some reviews where people said that it was uncomfortable wearing them at first but that being said, I still think they may be worth it. Most of the reviewers said they got used to them fairly quickly and you could always use them for inside workouts in the summer when it’s too hot outside. Plus they seem to offer a heck of a lot more data than my garmin. Anything that can tell me I’m off balance or not equally working my hips is worth thousands to me. LOL

      • Plus you have an iPhone so the app would probably add to the benefits (while I don’t expect it to be avail on blackberry it’s disappointing it’s not avail for android).
        In the name of good blogging, you should try it! and review it for your reading audience! It has a two week return period 🙂

        • I think I might. I’m going to wait til it’s a bit cooler though just to give it a fair review. It’s way to hot here right now to wear more than a sports bra and shorts. 🙂

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