Dr. Pepper and Periods

Several years ago I decided to give up soda. I was seriously addicted to the good doctor at the time, and by good doctor I mean his greatness, Dr. Pepper. It was practically all I drank and I’d say at one point I went through a 2 liter bottle every other day, maybe more. Anyway, I gave it up.

Unfortunately, my self-imposed ban only lasted for around 9 or 10 years because sometime around 2010 I started drinking it again. It’s nowhere near the amount I used to drink but there are times when I drink 5 or 6 cans a week, usually when we’re at the Venice house or on vacation.

This week I decided to give it up for good this time. I’m not buying anymore. When it’s gone, it’s gone.   I already know how giving it up makes me feel, I’ve been there and I want to go back. Oh, and also, there are those 5 pounds that crept up recently, I’m looking forward to throwing those back too. But if I had any doubts at all about how giving up soda could benefit me, those were all put to rest when I saw this article:

dr. pepper
It’s an interesting read and if you click on the image above you can read it in its entirety.  I highly recommend you do.

During my normal internet perusing I also came across an article that threw me for a loop and made me wonder what I would do. The article caught my attention at first because it was about a women in England running the London Marathon.

Kiran Gandhi had trained for a year and was all set to run her very first marathon.
I’m a sucker for running articles, imagine that.   Anyway, the night before her race, Kiran got her period. We’ve all been there right but what Kiran decided to do sort of took me by surprise. She had a choice to either run with a tampon, or uh, go with the ‘flow’ so to speak.

Kiran decided to take a stand against ‘period shaming’ and go with the ‘flow’. She decided to run without a tampon.

Photo from Kiran Gandhi’s Instagram account

Photo from Kiran Gandhi’s Instagram account

From the article:

“I thought through my options. Running 26.2 miles with a wad of cotton material wedged between my legs just seemed so absurd. Plus they say chaffing is a real thing. I honestly didn’t know what to do. I knew that I was lucky to have access to tampons etc, to be part of a society that at least has a norm around periods. I could definitely choose to participate in this norm at the expense of my own comfort and just deal with it quietly.

But then I thought…

If there’s one person society can’t eff with, it’s a marathon runner. You can’t tell a marathoner to clean themselves up, or to prioritize the comfort of others. On the marathon course, I could choose whether or not I wanted to participate in this norm of shaming.

I decided to just take some midol, hope I wouldn’t cramp, bleed freely and just run.”

This is the finish line photo.

This is the finish line photo.

While I do think it’s admiral that she took a stand and she stood up for something she believed in, I just don’t think I could ever do it. I mean, I just couldn’t. I thought about it and I understand her reason and she has a good point, we shouldn’t have to be ashamed but in all honesty, I cringed at her finish line photo.

I just couldn’t help but think how I would have felt in her position. I’m pretty sure I would have just wanted to go shower as soon as possible.  That being said,  I love this girls dedication to her cause, her determination, and her overall bad-assery.  You can read her full blog post here.

I’d love to know what you think….

Could you give up soda completely and never drink it again?
Do you think you could run a marathon without a tampon?
How do you think you’d react if you saw a runner in a race letting it ‘flow’?

14 thoughts on “Dr. Pepper and Periods

  1. I don’t get it. I want to because I feel like I am missing something. What is the point? Is there period shaming? I have never experienced it. Please don’t think I am not forward thinking…I am just trying to understand why. I read her blog post and I don’t get it.
    And YAY that you gave up soda!

    • I felt the same way. I admit I even googled it just to see but it didn’t seem all that prevalent. Oh well.

      And thanks, I’m actually finding it much easier this time to give it up. I’m not even depending on my tea like last time, I’m just drinking lots and lots of refreshing water. 🙂

  2. I stopped drinking pop (my fav was pepsi) about 5 yrs ago, and I’ve never looked back! lol
    I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t run without a tampon, not having one in is all I would be able to think about! But to each is own! 🙂

  3. Oh, soda. It is my biggest and worse vice. My poison of choice is pepsi. I’ve been trying to give it up for years and it’s so hard. I’m down to just drinking it on weekends.

    As for Kiran’s choice to “run freely”…just ew. I appreciate the whole reasoning behind it, but still. It’s gross. I know it’s not a woman’s fault, etc. but there are a lot of options out there. I would personally be pretty disgusted to encounter that on a race course.

    • Every little bit helps, you’ll get there. If I could scale back I would but I’m a cold turkey kind of girl, it’s just what works for me.
      And I agree with you, I think her choice was on the side of gross, even though I do applaud her for her fearlessness. I would have probably been taken aback though had I seen first hand but most likely because it’s something I could never do.

  4. I love Dr Pepper, too. I usually have a can at lunch. I’m trying to cut down so I don’t buy it from publix but sometimes if I grab fast food or a coke with the vending machine. The latter is because we don’t have ice at work and I don’t like less than ice cold water unless I’m really hot.

    I wouldn’t willingly run without a tampon (nor would a race trump using a bathroom) but it’s not much different than any other bodily fluid and she has less control over the flow. She could have had an accident and the result is the same.

    I had heard her story in connection with D Trumps comments to Kelly; guess that wasn’t accurate.

    • Dr. Pepper is gonna be so hard to give up, but I’m hanging in there…and I hear ya, I just could not do what that girl did. I mean, good for her for standing up but dang, I would just feel like a mess and I damn sure wouldn’t PR, lol

  5. I’m right there with you! Thanks to some changes, I quit soda almost 4 years ago, it is still a treat every now and then… And yes, you’re not alone. BIG props to Kiran for making that stand, but I couldn’t do that either…

    • I think if I give it up I’m going to have to give it up for good. Dr. Pepper is my jam but it’s like a crack addiction, if I have one I’m back on the junk. LOL I sound a little gangsta, and I am so not! 🙂

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