And just like that the vacation is over, cue the violins…

We’re Back!

We actually got home Sunday night and I really, really wanted to update as soon as possible since last week most of my updates were short. I was dying to show y’all some photos and tell you all about how awesome Key Largo is, but then I started catching up with the Kid, and huggin up on the pups, and then I laid down on the sofa…..

taking a napand before you could say quick nap, it was morning and I had a ton of work to do….which means, no post 🙁  but here I am with a somewhat long update.  So if you’re really busy, you’ve been warned, this is NOT a quick read.  (Mouth of the South here, remember?)

So, if you remember, we left to go to Key Largo because it was raining like crazy and we were sick of it. This is what it looked like before we left….


Rain, Rain everywhere!

Once we got to Key Largo, we didn’t see a drop of rain!  Not once the entire time we were there!  Even if we wouldn’t have done all the epic things we did, I would have been happy with that situation alone. Of course, we did do lots of amazing things and we saw a lot of amazing things and I wanted to share some of it with you.

Key Largo

This picture looks like a scene straight out of Bloodline, doesn’t it?  So if the producers would like to use it, I can be bought. 

The main reason we went to Key Largo when we did was mini lobster season, which happens for only 2 days, and in those 2 days I’m pretty sure I saw a bazillion snorkelers and divers in the water. They were all diving for some of this goodness…..

Rock lobster

Rock Lobster, ooooh ahhhh!

I happen to be allergic to lobster so I spent my time snorkeling. We visited reefs in the Key Largo area, most notably, Christ of the Abyss, and Molasses Reef. I wish I could describe in exact detail the beauty that lies beneath the water but instead I thought I’d show you.

Keys Fish blue fish fishies

And here are a couple of quick videos from those adventures.

As a runner, obviously I was really looking forward to running in the Keys and fortunately, I got to get in about 14 miles total.  I loved every, single minute of it.  Okay, I lie.  There was a brief 5 seconds when this dude drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette (at 8 am in the morning mind you) decided to critique my running form by yelling out, “hey, you need to get your knees up, watch those knees girl, you need to move the knees if you want some speed.”


                       Thanks Dude, I’ll remember that!

For 5 seconds I wanted to throat punch him but then I remembered I was in paradise and that whole situation was really irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.  But isn’t it funny how a smoker and morning beer drinker is the first one to give me unsolicited advice?

I also got to see the boat from the movie African Queen with Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn.  It’s been completely restored and looks amazing.

African queen
But my fascination with Bogie goes beyond just one landmark so we also spent a little time at the Caribbean Club, home of the move Key Largo with Bogie and Lauren Becall.  I’m sure y’all know the song and since I drove MacGyver crazy with it all week, I won’t do the same to you.

bogie and becall cc

good friends at the caribbean club

A special thanks to these two who opened up their townhome to us for the week. They are awesome friends and we love them dearly!

And no vacation would be complete without some serious fishing which we obviously also participated in. Our friend Scott caught this nurse shark off the dock one night.

Nurse Shark
We had a wonderful time. Normally when we visit the Keys we stay in Marathon but Key Largo was just as nice. If you have never been to the Florida Keys, I highly recommend it!

Rooster in the Florida Keys

I almost forgot to show you the obligatory Key’s Rooster!

On the way back MacGyver and I decided to take the Tamiami trail instead of Alligator Alley, so we went through Homestead. We stopped at a nursery along the way to look at some plants and decorative statues and we saw a lot of these guys.

African Lizard
Those are African lizards that got loose during Hurricane Andrew and are now all over the area. You can also see tons of iguanas everywhere. It’s mind boggling to me how these creatures get loose and then become prolific in such a short period of time. The Everglades are full of many types of invasive species including anacondas. At one of the area’s we stopped at we even saw some peacock bass.

MacGyver tried to catch one but instead he caught this guy’s interest and he is a native!


Yes, that’s a gator.

Yes that’s an alligator.  And we saw some air boats. MacGyver goes hunting in an air boat all the time so he wasn’t all that excited but I thought it was pretty cool except that they’re loud as shit.

I think it’s only fair that I tell you if you don’t like reptiles and bugs, you may not want to visit the Florida Keys. We even found this little guy in our friend’s town house…

Yep, that’d be a scorpion.

So, now we’re back home and getting back into the routine. I was pretty excited to be back and then I woke up this morning to a hellacious storm and when I looked outside, I saw this:

pond overflow
Seriously? Mother Nature is playing one hell of a joke on me!

Is it raining in your neck of the woods?
Have you ever been to the Florida Keys?  (I swear to all that is good and holy, if it doesn’t quit raining soon, I’m going back…)

6 thoughts on “And just like that the vacation is over, cue the violins…

  1. I know the feeling (cue the violins), I just got back from vacation too. waaa! Those are beautiful pictures of the fish! Now I’m thinking we should take a trip to the Keys soon. Looks like a great dive destination.
    That is totally funny about that guy critiquing your form. I agree, Really?? My husband and I ran on vacation in Punta Cana and I’m quite sure the locals thought we were crazy. Not a lot of runners out in that heat & humidity.

  2. Sounds like a fantastic time!
    -We had a huge storm roll through Sunday night, but not much rain other than that.
    – I went to Florida every year as a kid, my great-grandparents lived in Homestead!
    -I’ve been to the Key’s a handful of time, LOVE.

    • That’s so cool. I love Homestead, it has some really quaint older historical buildings and I’m so glad to see it making a comeback after the devastation of Hurricane Andrew. And the Keys are always awesome, I’m already planning another trip 😉

  3. argh no rain here! that’s what I get for moving to a desert…. stupid SoCal. Envious of your vacation! I love the florida keys. I probably would have freaked out over the scorpion, buuuut the other stuff is awesome!

    • Fortunately, (or unfortunately) we have a lot of bark scorpions all over our cabin in Holopaw so I’ve kind of gotten used to them over the last few years. Or maybe I should say, I’ve become aware of them and I know what to look for 😉 I highly suggest a trip to the Florida Keys asap, it’s so good for the soul 🙂

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