WTF Wednesday, Personal shark cages and more.

This couple isn’t about to let a few sharks ruin their vacation, nope, they’ve brought along their very own personal, homemade shark cages.

This is not a good idea people. Most likely you would drown before ever being attacked by a shark. Fortunately an alert lifeguard was able to stop them but to my delight another beach goer captured the entire incident on video.

Far be it from me to tell you how to do your vacation but if you fear sharks so much that you feel the need to construct and then wear your own shark cage, maybe you should just go to the mountains instead.

I may have mentioned that I went to the doctor last week for my annual physical. While I was there I asked her to prescribe Latisse for me to help grow my eyelashes, because priorities.

Anyway, currently my eyelashes are light and unless I cake on mascara, you can’t really see them so I was really excited to try out Latisse even though it’s very expensive.  I picked it up yesterday and last night I applied it as directed on the package. I woke up this morning and excitedly checked to see the progress………………..

blank stare


So, this morning I decided to read more than the application directions and it turns out that it takes 4-16 weeks for this stuff to work!  Yeah, and also, if you stop using it, your lashes go back to their sad ol sparse selves.

I am not good at waiting for results, I’m better at instant gratification.  And at 150 dollars a pop for the prescription, I may not have the patience or the pennies to wait it out, the jury is still out on this product.

Every morning when I finish running, I shower, take the dogs for a walk, and then peruse the news feed for the headlines before beginning my work day.  I prefer to get my news from reddit.

I used to read the Fox feed or one of the major news stations but here’s the thing, I don’t give a shit about the Kardashians or the Jenners. Seriously, I just don’t. If I wanted to know what they were doing every second of every freakin day, I’d watch their stupid television shows.  I don’t want to read about them in my headline news stories!


                            Exactly, “news”.

Call me silly but if I’m interested in House Speaker John Boehner trying to derail President Obama’s newly struck Iran nuclear deal, I probably don’t really care about Kylie Jenner singing on her latest snap chat or that Kim Kardashian has hired a personal trainer for North West!

WTF, It must be Wednesday!

Your turn, what has you going WTF this week?

14 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, Personal shark cages and more.

  1. Seriously? Those cages were going to protect them from sharks? People really are dumb. What got me going WTF this week? Realizing CNN is dedicating a half hour every night to discuss Donald Trump’s run for President…and they are interviewing Gene Simmons as a political pundit???? Hysterical!

    • I know right? And I think the one getting her own talk show is the same one that had the raunchy radio show. I just don’t understand why anyone would be interested in them beyond fashion and even that is a stretch, they’re all just so vapid.

  2. Yes, looking forward to the Latisse update in 4 to 16 weeks 🙂 I’ve got blond/transparent eyelashes too. A curse, right? if you do need any help in the fingernail growing department I do use GNC Hair, Nail and Skin vitamins and once those things kick in, my nails really grow long! That’s my product endorsement for the day. Not sure it has improved my hair or skin, but it’s super noticeable for my nails.

    • I do need help in the fingernail dept, (and the hair dept.) I’m having blood test this week to find out if it’s something I’m deficient in, and if not, I will try those vitamins! Thanks for the tip 🙂

  3. I can not stand how much the Kardashian’s are all over the place. Literally, everywhere! One of them is getting their own talk show. I’m sure they’ll have some really fabulous life lessons to share…WTF!?

    • It makes me all kinds of ragey. It’s almost as if all the legit news sources just stopped trying and gave in to the tabloid sensationalism. UGH! See, I get all ragey, lol

  4. I’m interested to hear if Latisse works for you-esp with that price tag . My lashes are okay, I guess. They are blonde-ish on the tips so I always need mascara to make them look better.

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