Thursday Three

With the Fourth of July falling on a Saturday this year many of you are taking long weekends. We are too. MacGyver and I are going down to Venice either tonite or tomorrow and staying until Monday night. I’m sure we’ll be doing a lot of fishing and boating and fire-working.

Fortunately we are in Florida so we may even go, (gasp), swimming in the ocean! If we were in North Carolina, I wouldn’t go near the water, seriously. Seven shark bites so far this summer, SEVEN.

shark attack
Since Shark Week doesn’t officially start until next week, I thought I’d share a few facts with you. Just a few facts that you can ponder before hitting the beach this weekend, if you happen to be near one.

The shark attack capital of the World is actually located in New Smyrna Beach. Yep, right here in Florida. In fact, it’s estimated that if you swim in New Smyrna Beach you’ll be swimming within 10 feet of a shark. Oh joy!

sharks and swimmers

There were 52 shark attacks in North America last year. 28 of those attacks were in Florida and only 4 were in North Carolina. (North Carolina decided to get all competitive this year obviously.)

Most shark attacks occur less than 100 feet from the shore. That’s usually waist deep in case you’re wondering.

So, have fun swimming this weekend and if you do go in the ocean you should probably avoid any shiny jewelry and large fish with big, multiple teeth…. but that goes without saying, right?

Number two, let’s get thrifty, shall we?  If you like the Brooks Transcend you probably already know that Brooks has released the Transcend 2, but what you may not know is that you can get the Transcend pretty darn cheap right now.  In fact Brooks is currently selling them on their site for 80 bucks. Or, you could go to DSW and get a pair for 69.95! Also, for every 50 dollars that you spend at DSW from now until July 6th, you get a 10 dollar certificate!


You can get the Brooks Transcend from DSW here.

And finally, thing number 3:

I can’t poop and it’s making me bitchy.

Your turn, tell me three things.

6 thoughts on “Thursday Three

  1. Being a Florida native I never really am concerned about any of the wildlife until I see a news report. Then I feel a little naive for not thinking of the possible risks. I am not a fan of being careless but I refuse to live my life worried about what may happen. Cross your fingers for me cause I am an adventurer who sometimes throws caution to the wind.
    Thanks for sharing with TBBloggers.

  2. I’m jealous, we aren’t going to the beach this year, staying in Tampa to take care of our neighbor’s diabetic kitty so they can go. Remember, sting ray shuffle and if a shark comes near, punch him/her in the nose! Having grown up in PA and ME – I prefer swimming with sharks to the water moccasins and snapping turtles that lived in our lakes!

    • I agree with you on that one. We’ve got alligator snapping turtles in the pond behind our house and my husband has killed a few water moccasins as well. They are scary! I think it’s very sweet of you to babysit your neighbors kitty and I hope you have a great 4th of July! 🙂

  3. We are going to the beach here in California and while I do worry about shark attacks, I have toddlers who love the sand more than the water so we usually only end up putting our feet in the water. I love your sarcasm about North Carolina being all competitive about shark attacks. If my kids were older I’d probably worry about sharks more. Maybe that’s stupid of me, but I kind of like not having to stress out about that.

    Hope you have a great weekend! Enjoy it! I’m off to do my 10k long run of 4 miles for this week…then three days off from running, unless I can convince my hubby that I NEED to run on Saturday and Sunday.


    • Thanks Patty. I hope you have a fantastic weekend too and that you can convince the hubby you NEED to run 😉 Also, enjoy your long run today and try to stay cool out there. 🙂

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