Sunday – 26.75 inches!

So, I got to go for a run on Saturday morning.

Legacy Trailhead

It was a ‘bit’ wet.

I had planned on going 8 miles or at least that’s what I really wanted to do in my mind but I was prepared to end it earlier if need be because the humidity was insane.

Legacy Trail

It may not look that bad but it felt like breathing water and as much as I love fishing, I’m not a fish!

The trail is shaded for a good portion which is nice when it’s hot and sunny but doesn’t really matter at all when it’s ridiculously humid.

Legacy Trail

I made it 5 miles but I had to walk a bit and by the time that 5 miles was done, I was over it!

Legacy Trail Bridge

So I bid the trail fair well, got in the boat with MacGyver and the dogs, and we commenced with the fishing.

It was overcast at best for much of the day but that didn’t stop me from landing the biggest trout I’ve ever seen.

26.75 INCHES!  It was AMAZING!

speckled trout

MacGyver put it on a stringer to keep it alive so that we could continue to fish and Hank was super impressed by it.  He almost jumped in the water many times to give it a little kiss.  Or to eat it.  We’ll never know.

Hank and the trout

Boomer was not as impressed with the trout and preferred eating bait fish instead.

boomer and trout

Where the hell are all the bait fish?

After we got back MacGyver cleaned the fish and got ready to grill it and I got ready to cook.  I was pulling a can of beans out of the cabinet and bam:

foot pain

Not good.

So, I’m probably won’t be running today, we’ll play it by ear….but I will be trying to catch a world record trout because it’s just too much fun not to.

Gone Fishin!

Have a happy Sunday!

6 thoughts on “Sunday – 26.75 inches!

  1. I can totally appreciate the humidity. It is so humid/hot here in Michigan on my run yesterday I had condensation on my eyelashes! (humidity 94%! GROSS)
    That fish is very impressive!! 🙂 Hope your foot heals fast!

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