Saturday… far.

So, I made it to the doctor on Friday.  It’s a new doctor as required by my lovely government mandated, more expensive than diamonds, sub-par, thank God you’re not terminally ill, shitty insurance.  Surprisingly, I love the doctor and the people in the practice.  It was a wonderful experience all around.

doctors office

Just once I’d like to walk into a doctors office filled with funky furniture and cozy blankets. Sounds comforting doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, the insurance pharmacy benefits, not so much.


wont pay for a prescribed epi-pen so I would have had to pay 540 dollars!  I’m going to take my chances and avoid bees and shellfish for a while.  In the meantime, I filed a request for an approval, so that should be interesting at best but trust me when I tell you, I’m not holding my breath….

So, back to what’s going on.  This guy is in town for the summer from California,


Little Danny is not really little anymore.

Danny came over and spent the night Friday so that he and MacGyver could get up early and go fishing on Saturday.  I was supposed to go running that morning but instead, I took a cue from the dogs and slept in.

sleeping dogs lie

They look really comfortable don’t they?

After I did get up I took the dogs for a walk. and I’m glad I did because shortly after it started to rain and it never stopped.  Like ever, as in ALL DAMN DAY.  In fact, it’s still raining now.


We can swim in the front yard too! Well, not really but soon….

Seeing as how the dogs were sleeping, the rain was coming down, the guys were fishing and I didn’t have to be at the doctors office until 4, I did the only thing I could do.


more shopping

I did a teeny weeny bit of shopping.

I would have taken pictures of all the new stuff and showed you the photos but I had to pack it all away before MacGyver returned, you know, just in case he wanted me to model it all, or put on a fashion show, or show him the receipts, one of those things.

Anyway, I still had a few hours to kill so I got started on some reading material.


I finally read the recent issue of Runner’s World and the last 3 issue’s of Shape! I’m a serious slacker!

But my main focus is on this book which I am half finished with.

go set a watchman

I will probably need to read it twice and then re-read To Kill A Mockingbird so that I can give you my full and honest opinion.

Late in the afternoon, I got ready to go to the doctor.  I picked out something to wear from Clearwater and brought it here but then I wasn’t sure I liked it….


I hate it when that happens.  Do you ever do that?  Take an outfit with you and forget to try it on first and then not ‘feel’ the outfit?  Or is that just me?

Oh well, I think it turned out okay.  It was comfortable and because it was raining, pants were an option which is normally NEVER the case in the summer in Florida.


The jury is still out….but I’ll probably where it again, maybe with a scarf…..

The earrings however are all in…I love these earrings…and flamingo’s!


And now we have our fingers crossed that the rain will let up because we plan on going out on the boat and doing some serious fishing and some serious beaching.  My paddleboard is screaming my name and I just want to play in the water for the next few days.

So, right now, I’m going to attempt a run and hope the rain lets up and there are no thunderstorms.

And then, I’ll change out of my running clothes and into this:

swim suit

And commence with the weekending whatever that may be… be continued.

Now tell me about you’re weekend so far….talk to me…..

2 thoughts on “Saturday… far.

  1. Well I planned to finally go for a run…and then stubbed the previously sprained toe on the way to the bathroom. So I’m icing my toes and waiting to see. Then breakfast at Jet Runway.
    (I’m really ticked about my toe! lol)

    • OMG, you have the worst luck with your toes! I’m thinking you should maybe try bumper pads around the house? LOL I hope your toe is better soon and you get to run! 🙂

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