You got served!

Yesterday MacGyver had Jury Duty which totally cracked me up. If you know MacGyver, you’d know why.  Anyhow, he really didn’t want to go and was asking me how to get out of it.

I’m somewhat of an expert in the field of jury duty since I’ve been picked to go countless times, gotten out of it a few, and even been chosen as a juror.  In fact, once I was on the jury of a murder trial AND I was the foreperson.

Since I’m an expert, I told him to wear this shirt:

get out of jury duty

He didn’t of course.

He was there for several hours before I heard from him and then when he did call I asked him what the case was about.  I could tell he was uncomfortable with the question but I thought I could break him.  I asked again.  “Is it a high profile case?”  “Is it a murder case?”  Is it a case I’ve heard about on T.V?”

Finally, I said, “Oh, I guess you can’t tell me huh?”  And then he replied, “NO, especially when the judge and the attorneys are RIGHT HERE!”

He could not and would not be broken, right then, but let this be a lesson, you do not want MacGyver on your jury, because….ME.  Unless you want a hung jury, it’s best not to pick MacGyver because I will not give up…..I will poke and probe until I get some answers, it’s nothing personal.  It’s just my natural personality.

Anyway, MacGyver was there all damn day long and we were  seriously on the wire because we were pretty sure he would be picked which was really bad for reasons other than, it’s jury duty.

Anyway, at 5pm, I got the news:

no jury duty


And in case your wondering, the answer to all three questions that I had asked was yes.

Have you ever been selected for jury duty?

A free gift for only $200

Our weekend was pretty relaxing. Since I updated on Saturday, you may already know that it rained here the entire day. By 5 in the afternoon I was going nuts. I bribed the kid into going to the mall with me around 6:30.

I had gotten one of those cards in the mail from Sephora, you know the ones, they offer you a free gift to introduce a new product or some other promotional deal.  Anyway, the plan was to go to Sephora inside JCPenney and then the Kid and I were going to Chipotle afterwards. See: Bribe

It was a simple plan except for one problem, me. Apparently I have issues just going to the store and leaving with the item I came for.

So, an hour and a few hundred dollars later, we left Sephora. I don’t even know why I get sucked into those free sample things anyway because they NEVER have them in stock.

That’s right, I didn’t even get anything free. I did get several palettes of Urban Decay makeup which I will most likely rarely, if ever, use.  Needless to say the kid was not happy so I took him to dinner and then we went home.

On Sunday we got a break in the rain and so MacGyver decided to go do a quick service call and I spent a good 5 hours working in the yard. It’s amazing how fast the flippin grass grows when it rains every damn day!


 Okay now this set up is pretty inventive.

I’ll be mowing my lawn this way from now on.

Later in the day MacGyver and I met up on the sofa and turned on the TV. We started a new series on Netflix. I’m not sure why we never watched it before because my Mother-In-Law told us it was a great show but for reasons that you will know more about later in the week, MacGyver and I decided to watch Bloodline.

How did I not know this show was soooooo damn good??

BloodlineWe’re half way through the first season and I am hooked.

Late Sunday it started raining again and surprise, it’s raining again this morning. I still managed to run 6 miles on the treadmill this morning and the dogs and I had our walk.

And now, we need to run some errands. Hank hasn’t been in the car lately and he’s itching to get behind the wheel.


C’mon Lady, LET’S GO!

What did you do this weekend?

I make it rain

It’s been raining now for a little over a year………..

Okay, maybe more like a day but damn, why wont the rain stop?  Just when I was starting to brave the elements and run outside a bit, I’m forced back to the treadmill.

Oh well, it isn’t so bad, at least I got 4 miles in and I had some great music to listen to.



And now, I’m going to watch a marathon of American Ninja Warriors.

What are you doing today?