Monday Morning

Welcome to Monday!

We are still down in Venice.  I have a doctors appointment down here today so MacGyver and I decided to stay an extra day and that way he can attend some additional angler management therapy.


Gone Fishin! Angler Management

The dog’s obviously enjoy it too.  They certainly like it more than fireworks.  In the past we’ve watched the fireworks in the Venice Inlet from our boat but it get’s a little crazier every year.  This was what the inlet looked like on Saturday at 11am.

venice inlet

venice inlet 2

So we decided rather than dealing with the potential drunk idiots operating their floating vessels we would go watch the fireworks from the pool in Englewood.

And on the way over many people were already shooting them off which didn’t exactly appeal to Hank.

firework dog

What the hell is that? A firework? I don’t like this firework!

Firework?  Damn, I thought you said hot dogs.

Firework? WHAT?  I thought you said hot dogs.

Once we got to the pool both dogs were fine and we were able to see all of the fireworks from a safe and much quieter distance.

lab kisses

Boomer was quite happy.  He gave me many kisses.

I celebrated the 4th with 4 glasses of wine which is exactly 3 more glasses than I normally would drink.

Needless to say, I did not run on Sunday.  Instead we went boating and fishing.

dachshund swimming

He looks like he is swimming but he’s actually hunting bait fish.


These dogs grew up on the water and they love to fish.  On another note, what do you think of my glorious windblown hair.

We got back to the house around 2pm and we all took super long naps.  Later in the day I was able to catch up on some local news and such, and relax.

One of the articles I read was one I wanted to share with you. Y’all know I believe that slower runs are incredibly beneficial if you want to get faster and build endurance.  This article talks about why slower cardio is good for your body.

You can read the article here.

Also from this weekend here’s another example of why you shouldn’t celebrate a win before you actually win.

no tape

Nope, I don’t believe you are number 1…

Check it out here.

Later on Sunday night MacGyver and I tried to watch a few movies.  Unfortunately Netflix was pixellated and no matter what we did we couldn’t fix it.  I sure wish we would have realized it before we spent 4 hours watching the same damn movie.

And in appliance news, my coffee pot in the Venice house goes rogue on me on the reg.  It randomly changes the time and when I pre-set it to go off in the morning, it goes off much earlier than I set it for.  This would be the reason I got up at 4:45am this morning…..I should get a new one but I live for the excitement.

Time to go for a run.

Now, tell me what you did this weekend.

3 thoughts on “Monday Morning

  1. Fast jag föredrar lösningen att man betalar för en anslutning mot internet. Kostar en mängd överförd data X kr sÃ¥ är det vad vi kunder ska betala för. Omvänt sÃ¥ skulle vi betala operatören för de tjänster som levereras – men dÃ¥ backar vi ett gäng Ã¥r till tiden dÃ¥ mobiloperatörerna hade egna wap-portaler och styrde precis allt. Nej tack! Televerkstiden hör till historien!

  2. I never really thought about how dogs handle fireworks, but I am learning it can be an issue! I saw the finish of peach tree too, just goes to show that you should never think you have it in the bag, I always go for the line, and moments like that I am glad I did! Glad you had a happy weekend! 🙂

    • Awe, thanks Tina. Glad you had a happy weekend too and I’m really glad to hear you got to hang out with your running friend for the day. I saw your pics on instagram. Oh, and great job on your race! 🙂

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