Happy 4th of July from Venice!

Happy 4th of July! 


I hope you’re out enjoying the festivities wherever you may be.  We made it down to Venice around 10:30 yesterday morning and have been having a ball.  The dogs were super excited to come down.  It’s always exciting to sniff new grass and poop in new yards, in case you didn’t know.

Dachshund under blanket

             Just wake me up when we get there….

Once we got down here and got unpacked MacGyver and I decided to head out for some fishing.  We haven’t been here in about 3 or 4 weeks so we were sort of surprised to see how overgrown the canal was.

our canal

          It might be time to cut back some trees…

And how creative some of our neighbors have become.  Did you know that you can combine a barge with a bar b que, who knew?

bar b que barge

 That might even be a smoker on there. Now that’s a party!

I guess a lot of people actually did have the day off on Friday because there were loads of people on the water.  Snake Island was packed and there were people fishing all over the place.  I’ve never seen so many kayakers, paddleboarders and boaters at the Venice Inlet on a Friday morning.

Even the sailing school was out and about…

rich kids daycare

                   Or, as I like to call it, Rich Kids Daycare.

MacGyver and I got right to fishing and we caught quite a few fish.  MacGyver caught 5 really good-sized snapper which we cooked for dinner.  I caught several snook but they’re not in season so we couldn’t keep them.

The most interesting thing though was this pelican I named Pete who came right up to the boat and hung out with us for most of the morning.

Pete the Pelican

                                              This is Pete

After a while Pete got pretty comfortable with us and I was able to feed him.


It’s pretty cool to watch them eat.

pelican eating

I have to admit I wanted to take him home with me but MacGyver said no so that was the end of that.  Bye Pete.

We headed out to the Gulf and did a bit of fishing out there and a manatee actually swam up to the back of the boat and played with us for a bit.  I wanted to get a picture but my iPhone got hot and wouldn’t turn on….

Anyway, after several hours, we headed back and while MacGyver cleaned the fish I lit the fire pit and got some wine ready.

fire pit

I built that fire pit with my own two hands all by myself.. Not that I’m all proud or anything…

After dinner we sat down to watch Dolphin Tale 2 because what else do you do when you’re on vacation.

Today, more boating and fireworks, but first, I’m off for a run.

my sign

I also built this sign. I’m obviously  all kinds of crafty.

I’ll catch up with you again soon.

Fireworks, love em or leave em?

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