Flip flops are evil.

A couple of years ago I noticed that walking in flip flops was getting harder for me. They just didn’t feel as comfortable as they once did and I wondered why I was finding it hard to walk in them without feeling like I was going to trip.  I could tell that I was altering the way that I walked so that I wouldn’t literally walk right out of them.

flip flops

                             I still wear ‘army’ pants.

Living in Florida, flip flops are pretty much a staple so I went to Dr. Google for answers and based on that research I spoke to my actual doctor. Turns out flip flops are evil and there are many reasons why you shouldn’t wear them but for the sake of time, I’m only going to talk about the most important reasons.

They offer no Protection for your feet
Flip flops offer little in the way of protection. Not only do they not cover your entire foot but they can easily break. I’ve actually seen women wearing flip flops on scooters and motorcycles and it makes me cringe. Imagine what would happen if they crashed. Even just walking around in flip flops leaves your feet vulnerable. I’ve dropped many things on my toes while wearing flip flops and I’m sure you have too.

flip flop fall
They can cause foot pain and injury
Because flip flops offer little in the way of support, wearers often suffer from foot pain. In fact they can cause foot, heel, hip or back pain. When you’re wearing flip flops you take shorter strides and that causes you to scrunch up your toes to actually grasp the shoes, and that can cause serious issues, including hammertoe.

flip flop hammertoe

And flip flops are typically flat which means they don’t bend like your foot does when you walk which alters your gait and can affect your posture. Flip flops can also cause blisters and heel pain.

*Warning the next picture is really gross….

No, I mean really, it is gross…

If you have a weak stomach, you probably don’t want to see it….

You’ve been warned….

flip flop blisters

           I said it was gross

Flip flops can expose you to bacterial and fungal infections
When your feet are exposed as much as they are in flip flops you’re susceptible to all of the bacterial, fungal and even viral infections that you walk over. Since most of us wear flip flops outside just imagine what your feet are coming in contact with, that’s a gross thought.

Flip Flops are dangerous
Research has shown that people who wear flip flops take shorter strides and that slows you down but it can also make you clumsy and that can increase your risk of tripping.

flip flopping
Flip Flops can be toxic
Some flip flops contain BPA which has been linked to cancer and some contain latex which causes an allergic reaction in some people.

I still occasionally wear flip flops on the boat, and back and forth to the beach but very rarely. I prefer my Teva’s and my Chaco’s. I think my days of risking injury for fashion are long gone.

flip off

That’s okay mr. Flip Flop, I feel the same way about you.  Fuck off.

These days I’d much rather be comfortable and injury free.

How do you feel about flip flops?
If you wear them, what type of flip flops do you wear?

13 thoughts on “Flip flops are evil.

  1. That thong chap picture not only shows his stupidity in being a lazy ass mofo (at least I can only hope those aren’t chicks’ feet, double yuck!), it further highlights his stupidity in his CHOICE TO CONTINUE WEARING THEM UNTIL they GOT THAT BAD. You don’t get a rash like that from just a short, casual wearing, that shows chronic day to day abuse. Great job, numb nuts!

  2. Oh my gosh that picture was disgusting!!!

    I wear flip flops around the house in the summer, if I have to run a couple errands and it’s really hot out… things like that. I think I used to wear them a lot more! I wear the ones from Old Navy but I get them a size and a half bigger than my normal shoe size because I don’t like when my heel is right against the back edge.

  3. I’ve found that I’m wearing flip flops less often this summer and opting for Chucks instead. I’m not really sure why. I do like them, but I’ve never really “lived” in them like some people in California do.

    • I love Chucks but I find mine are uncomfortable after a long day. I read somewhere that converse is doing its first major re-design in years to make them more comfortable. Have you heard that? I got so excited! I can’t wait. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

    • Jen, it is a country-wide epidemic. I lived in Wyoming for a couple of years (should be spelled WHYoming as in WHY in the hell would anybody WANT to live there?). In wintertime, it got as cold as minus double digits, people were still seen out wearing that stupid shit. They deserve to have their toes freeze and break off. “The Cowboy State”. Really? In all my nearly two years using it as a place to crash before work, I had yet to see a ONE…a lot of POSERS though, haha.

  4. This is sooo odd. I literally just told my daughter that I don’t wear flip flops (and neither does she because I’ve never bought them for her) because I don’t like them. I have a pair to quickly slip on to get the mail or walk over the stones to turn the water off after filling her kiddie pool but that is all (in my mind) they are good for! LOL Great minds think alike! 🙂 Have a great weekend!!

  5. Ewwww! I have a stranger-feet phobia! Although it isn’t a nasty fungus that causes it, the one shot with the blisters is how my feet get if I wear them for longer than a half hour. I am allergic to the latex rubber-like stuff. They will stay swollen (sausage toes…ewww) and itchy for up to a week after wearing them. I can’t even explain how awful it is to have your feet itch on top, bottom and in between your toes. I avoid them like the plague, but occasionally other shoes do it too. Cheap shoes! When I get my pedicures I rip those flip flops off as soon as possible. I have however worn ones made of leather or cloth. Not so bad, but I also have high arches and that means they hurt after awhile.

    Have a great weekend Flower 🙂

    • You too Kristin and stay away from any latex or cheap shoes. I cannot imagine how horrible that must be. I hate it when my feet itch, hate it. I feel for ya. Hopefully it will be a nice weekend for you. We’re looking at rain 🙁

      • I’ve got a secret “thing” for grabbing my blade and popping the straps. It’s like “bubble wrap therapy” to me :.)

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