A Q&A with MacGyver about my running, shoes by saucy knees

For the past few weeks I’ve seen a few blogs with Q&A sessions where running bloggers interview either their husbands or children to find out what they think about their running. After reading a few of them it got me thinking, I wonder what MacGyver and the Kid think about my running?

This could be any of the men in my life, MacGyver or the Kid!

This could be any of the men in my life, MacGyver or the Kid!

To be perfectly honest, both MacGyver and the Kid are very vocal about how they feel so I had a pretty good idea but I thought what the hell, I’ll interview them both over the next week and maybe all of you can see just what I deal with every day, especially when it comes to running.

The first person to agree to the interview was MacGyver.  Okay actually I had to pin him down and refuse to turn on Street Outlaws until he relented but it worked. The Kid will be much more of a challenge but I’ll wear him down eventually too.

strong armed

You WILL answer the questions!

Any text that appears in red are my comments, so without further ado, here we go.

What do I eat before a run?
Coffee. All the coffee. If ever there is a shortage of coffee in the world, you will be solely responsible. (He is probably right.)

How far do I run every day?
10 miles, 6 miles, depends on the day. (Actually I average 25-30 in the summer and 40-45 in the winter per week, days ALWAYS vary, but he’s somewhat accurate, I guess.)

crazy running girl

What kind of running shoes do I wear?
You’ve got 50 pairs what do I know, that’s not a fair question, maybe saucy knees?

Oh that’s hilarious.
Make sure you spell it correctly, S. A. U. C. Y. Uh, Knees.
You don’t know how to spell knees do you?
Is that one of the questions?
Moving on…….

matching running shoes

How many times a week do I run?
9, yes, 9 times.  (For the record, I never run 9 times a week. At most I’ve run 8 times a week and that was this one time when I lacked better judgement, like a year and a half, or a long time ago.)

What is my favorite race?
I don’t know for sure but I’d guess it’s one where you didn’t fall down, poop, or pee your pants.
I can’t write that!
You have to, that’s my answer.

I'm probably going to pee

runner poop signs

Why do you think I run?
I seriously don’t know, but it obviously helps you poop.

more running poop signs

What injuries have I had from running?
Your knee, your hips, your feet, I never know until you take days off and I figure it out.
So you think I try to hide the fact that I might have hurt myself?
Nope, I’m saying that I know you do.


Note to self: Learn to hide any limping in the future

Do you like going to my races?
No, absolutely not. It’s grueling, except that one time I found 50 bucks, and then it was slightly tolerable. Only Slightly.

marathon signs

Except MacGyver’s sign would say ‘fishing’ instead of shopping.

Does my running make you want to run?
No. It hurts my knees when I think about it. You can do all the running for both of us.

What have you learned from having a wife who runs?
You are crazy obsessed and you break a lot of treadmills, but I still love you, and oddly enough, I think it keeps you sane.
He may just be right about that one.

Run Happy

So, not much I didn’t already know. MacGyver hates to run, he doesn’t understand exactly why I run, and he thinks I spend far too much money on treadmills and running shoes.

However I did learn that he is a lot more cognizant of my bladder and bowel habits than I had previously thought. Good to know.

And now, until I can pin down the kid or the dogs, it’s your turn.

Using the questions above, interview someone close to you and let me know what you find out!  (You can post the link to your answers if you post them on your blog.)

Does your significant other run?  (If not, could you meet me at my next race so MacGyver wil have someone to fish with?)

6 thoughts on “A Q&A with MacGyver about my running, shoes by saucy knees

  1. This is fun! I will have to see if any family members will give me some answers. I loved that race sign you found about being out shopping. That actually happened to us. I missed my husband finishing at a very small marathon because I was shopping at Target. There wasn’t anything else to do in the race town, and back then I didn’t quite understand about “I’ll be finishing at xx:xx”. I figured he’d take longer 🙂

  2. lol MacGyver’s wife is gorgeous and if running as much as she does helps with that whole process then he’d likely do well to just embrace and enjoy it!! Dontcha think?! lol

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